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Re: Additional Info on Sri Durga temple
Date: Wed Sep 25 1996 - 08:35:02 PDT

More than all this, this is very important kshEthram as this
is is the place where the first 3 mudhal aazhwaars joined together
delivered the first 300 pAsurams of 4000 in the presence of Sriman
No other literature has that status of being presented in front of
the Lord
Himself. Please advise me if you know of one.
Sampath Rengarajan

Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam was presented in the presence if Sri Krishna.
Besides all important Stotras such as Swami Desika stotras have been
presented in front of the Lord in their archa roopa.  What sets the
4,000 apart, is their status of being equal to the 4 Vedas, which is
not given to any Paurusheya work.