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Re: Brahminism and Kalale's questions

From: Vijay Srinivasan (
Date: Tue Sep 24 1996 - 09:48:00 PDT

Dear Prapatti Group Members:

I appreciate Dileepan's bold and spirited reply on the above subject.  It 
represents our scriptural view better.  However, it must be emphasized that 
caste is immaterial for attaining the Lord.  There is ample support from the 
Bhaghavat Gita. On the other hand, I think the views expressed by Tatachar and 
Mohan Sagar on the above suject are politically correct, but unfortunately far 
from reality.  For example: How many arranged marriages that we see today are 

It is however possible that one day we may see a society (as it is headed 
today) sans distinction including that of the Gods.

In response to Kalale - I have heard the Krishna-Durga- Arjuna incident in one 
of the upanyasams.  I tend to interpret this incident like we do in the Sandhya 
or other Vedic Homams, where we make offerings to other Devatas (like Agni, 
Varuna, Rudra etc,.).  While all these devatas derive their power from one 
source (Sriman Narayana), may be they represent the proper channel to tap that 
power (for a desired result only).  However, Sriman Narayana seems to reserve 
the power to give Moksha to Himself.  I do not know how else we could explain 
doing sandhya and other things with devotion, and yet claiming  to be solely 
devoted to Sriman Narayana.  Granted that we do those Karmas for Loka-Kalyana 
and to please the Lord.  I would appreciate member's response.

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan