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Vedanta Desika - Lessons from his life-II

From: Vijay Srinivasan (
Date: Mon Sep 23 1996 - 10:21:27 PDT

Dear Prapatti Group Members:

Here is a summary of the Srimad Vedanta Desika Dinacharya Stotram recorded by 
Nayinaracharyar.  I found it very inspiring:

1.  I bow to Shri Venkatanatha whose Avatara sthalam was Kanchi, Vasa sthalam 
was Sri Rangam and Leela Sthalam was Tirumalai. 

2.  My salutations to Swami Desika who considered flaterry as Kalakoota visham 
and the royal palaces as  Narakas (Hell).

3.  Swami leaves His Nidra during the third yamam of the night. i.e wakes up at 
about 3.00 AM.  Mella ezhundu Hari endra peraravam.  And being in the bed, He 
remebers the Guru Parampara.  Then He recites the  Gadhyam and stotras on 
Sriman Narayana that praises the kalyana gunas of Narayana.

4.  Then He walks to the river Kaveri.  Offers the morning ablutions. After 
wearing clean clothes and Urdhva Pundra,  Swami does His Sandhyavandhanam.  In 
the open and with a Ekaagra mana He does the Gayatri-Japam facing the direction 
of Sun.  He does the upasthanam after the sun-rise.

5.   Then he completes other Nitya -Karmaas like (Adhaara Sakdhyadhi tarpanam, 
Kaanda rishi tarpanam, Brahma Yagnyam etc.,) and proceeds to the Sri 
Ranganathar temple.  There He offers His prayers to the Lord's lotus feet.

6.   After obtaining the theertha prasadam, Swami arrives at the Kalakshepa 
Mandapam where His sishyas eagerly await Him.  There in simple sanskrit and 
Tamil, He explains the purport of Vedanta.  He use to treat His sishyas like 
His own children - affectionate and loving.

7.   Then His shishyas do Bhikshadanam for Him.  Swami uses the material thus 
offered by His sishyas for the Bhaghavat Aradhanam.

8.  After spending some time with His sishyas teaching and instructing them 
Swami proceeds to do the Aradhanam for Lord Varada.

9.  Swami does Aradhanam with vessels (mostly wooden vessels) that are 
inexpensive.  It seems thieves will not find it worth their effort to steal 

10.  In the fourth Yama of the day, Swami is busy writing works that helps in 
defending the Ramanuja Siddhantha against the onslaughts of Maaya Vaadins and 
Shoonya Vaadins.

11.  After doing His evening Sandhya Vandhanam,  Swami spends more time with 
His sishyas praying to His Kula-Deivam Lord Varada.

12.  He recites the Divya-Prabhandham and other slokas on Lord Varada.

13.  Once again He spends time with His sishyas clarifying their doubts on 

14.  After seating Goddess Perundevi and Lord Varada in the lotus of His heart, 
Swami with Ekaagra Chinthanam proceeds to His bed.  He keeps remembering the 
glories of the Lord and proceeds to enjoy the Yoga-Nidra.

15.  Once again Swami wakes up and starts a fresh and blissful day in Bhagavat 
and Bhaghavata kaimkaryam.

 I bow again and again to that Maha Purusha,

 After reading this, my only kurai is I have not been one of those sishyas!  
Please forgive me if my translation is not upto the mark.

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan