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Brahmin definition
Date: Sat Sep 21 1996 - 21:40:20 PDT

Mr. Sairam Ashvin asked:

>>>>>>I would like to know in the simplest terms 
possible what a Brahmin is. i.e. what makes a 
Brahmin and what is required of him/her<<<<<

Brahmin literally means ONE WHO IS CONSTANTLY 

As per Yaksha Prasna, Yudhishtira declares that 
not learning of the Vedas, but CHARACTER alone
is important for  a Brahmin. (Chapter 18, verse 42)

Lord Krishna in Bhagavadgita defines clearly
the qualities or duties  of a Brahmin as per the 
Gunas born of their own nature are: 
Serenity, self-restraint, austerity, purity, 
forgiveness, uprightness, knowledge, 
realization, belief in a hereafter.

There are numerous other places where a
 Brahmin is defined in the same tone as this.
You may be surprised, even the Buddhist
scripture  Dhammapada has a whole chapter on
definition of a Brahmin. This is not different from
what was already described in the Hindu works
(perhaps forgotten!  Biddha had to reinforce)