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Date: Sat Sep 21 1996 - 09:18:41 PDT

Krishna prabha said: 
>>I think Nappinnai also refers to Andal.<<<

I think Nappinai is a Tamil colloquial name to Lord's consort.  Just as we
call Krishna as Kanna and the Hindi people use Kanaiyya.
In some Kannada commentaries of Andal Thiruppavai (for eg', Thiruppavai
Rasaswadini,  by my father K.S. Krishnatatachar). Nappinai is at times
translated as Neela Devi.
Andal = Nappinai is similar to  Andal=Lakshmi, Sita=Lakshmi etc.

Andal in her Thiruppavai  addresses Vishnu's consort as  Nappinai. Brcause,
Andal  envies her and  even jealous of Nappinai,  referring to Andal as
Nappinai is contextually inappropriate. 

Tatachar (K. Sreekrishna)