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a couple of questions

Date: Sat Sep 21 1996 - 00:47:52 PDT

greetings to all,

I'm very pleased that this mailing list has restarted so we can continue
our paths to enlightenment.

I have a few questions to ask of you all. I hope somebody can help me

I would like to know in the simplest terms possible what a Brahmin is.
i.e. what makes a Brahmin and what is required of him/her.

Secondly, as a university student with many local friends and
acquaintances, I consider it an important duty of mine to try and promot
vegetarianism amongst them. I am able to defend my point of view fairly
easily with plausible arguments. It is with my Hindu friends that I run
into problems trying to convince.

I was hoping to find out if there is any explicit passage in any of the
scriptures we follow that mention one musn't eat meat. Or at least a
notion that alludes to something along those lines. If anyone has read
something as such please let me know.


Ashwin Sairam     <>