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Srisaila Purna
Date: Thu Sep 19 1996 - 11:05:52 PDT

Dear Members of the Prapatti Group,

I read with interest the notes on Sri SrisailapurNa by Mani and 
Sri Koti Sreekrishna. The articles were very informative and 
insightful. Thus far we have been blessed by a number of 
significant and insightful contributions from scholars like 
Srimans Sadagopan, Mani, Dileepan, Rengarajan, Kalale, Sreekrishna, 
Jaganath and Anbil Ramaswamy. I hope to see more of the same in the 

I also want to congratulate Srimans Dileepan, Sadagopan, Ramaswamy, Rengarajan, 
and Jaganath for their efforts in putting together an excellent 
first issue of the North American Narasimhapriya (NANP). All the 
articles in this issue of NANP are outstanding. I was particularly touched 
by Sri Jaganath's article on MahavisvAsam (i.e., the unquestioning 
faith and belief that the Lord Narayana will take care of the Prapanna
under all circumstances). MahavisvAsam is an extremely 
important Angam of Prapatti. This has been demonstrated time and again 
by Prapannas like Dhruva, Prahlada, Ambarisha, Gajendra, Hanuman, 
Garuda, Vasudeva (Lord Krishna's father), all our Azhwars, Acharyas and 
Purvacharyas. Jaganath, that was an excellent article.

Sri Dileepan reminded me in a private note that today is the 
Tirunakshatram of Sri Adivan Sadagopa Mahadesikan, the founding Jeeyar of 
Srimad Ahobila Matham. Below are some reflections on the life of this 

The Acharya's life was another instance of unquestioning 
obedience to the Lord's command. Known as Kidambi Srinivasacharya 
(in his Purvashrama), while he was at the Ashramam of his Guru, 
he saw the Lord in a dream one night. The Lord commanded him to 
proceed to Ahobilam and establish the Matham for worship of Sri 
Malolan. The puzzled Srinivasacharya narrated this dream to his 
Guru, who advised him to follow Bhagavan's command. 

Accordingly, Sri Srinivasacharya set out on his mission to establish the 
Matham. Unknown to him, Lord Malolan appeared in a dream to the 
tribal chief living near Ahobilam and instructed him to make all 
arrangements for Sri Srinivasacharya to establish the Matham. The 
tribal chief obeyed Bhagavan's command and provided Sri Srinivasacharya
all the necessary resources (man-power, money, construction materials, 
place of residence etc.). Malola Bhagavan appeared before the Acharya in the 
form of a Sanyasi and initiated him into Sanyasa. He was bestowed with the 
name "Sri Adivan Sadagopa Mahadesikan". The Acharya then wondered what  
Vigraham to have for the Utsava Murthy of the Matham. He meditated on 
Lord Narasimha and lo and behold a vigraham of Malola Lakshmi Narasimhar 
came flying into his hand. It is now the established tradition of the 
Matham for all the Jeeyars to carry this Vigraham wherever they travel.

The Acharya made a pilgrimage to several Kshetrams (Tirupati, Srirangam,
and Kanchi to name a few). In each place he performed extraordinary 
Sevai for Lord Narayana. There was a king from Orissa (Kalinga in those 
times) who was driven out of his kingdom by Muslim invaders. The king 
requested the Acharya for help to recover his kingdom. The Acharyan 
meditated upon Lord Narasimha and blessed the king. A pride of lions 
attacked the Muslim rulers. Fearing for their lives, the Muslim invaders 
fled Kalinga. Thus, by the grace of Lord Malolan, Kalinga was restored to 
its rightful owner. The king of Kalinga expressed his gratitude to
the Acharya by inviting the latter to his kingdom making all arrangements to 
help the Acharya in his performance of "Narayana Seva". 

Acharyan Tiruvadigale Sharanam,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy