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44th Jeeyar of Sri Ahobila Mutt

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Sat Sep 14 1996 - 12:44:03 PDT

Today (9-14-96) is the Thirunakshathram of the 44th Jeeyar
of Srimad Ahobila Mutt, the Mukkoor Azhagiya Singar.  Of his
many achievements building of the Srirangam rajagopuram is the
one by which HH will be remembered by the future generations
of Sri Vaishnavas and others.

HH's quick temper was readily seen and still criticized
by some.  However, it is no surprise that for most Sri
Vaishnavas it is equally readily apparent that HH's
quick temper is for our benefit.  For them, being the
object His fury was a great boon.  Presented below
is a narration of an anecdote from HH's life from
the August 1995 issue of Sri Nrisimha Priya -
Telugu/English edition.

"In those days when the travel was arduous and mostly
done by foot and pallaki, the 43rd Jeer was once on his
sanchara going in a pallaki.  It was a usual sight at
such times to see our 44th Jeer (then in his poorvashrama)
accompanying the pallaki by foot holding invariably a
head-load of firewood and a pot of water.  In case the
Jeer felt thirsty, the latter was thus ready to prepare
hot water in an instant and serve his Acharya!  What an
example of one's service towards his master."

The total tenure of 43rd Jeeyar was less than 6 years.
The 44th Jeeyar was to ascend to the throne in less than
6 years during the sanchara described above.  Obviously,
HH must have been an accomplished scholar during these
times.  For this Mahapurusha, knowledge was no substitute
for service to one's acharya.  To me He is the very
Vishnu who came down as "aaLari" that Thirumangai
Azhvaar describes as "angaNmaa NYaalamanca".

Thank you.