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Pitamahasyapi Pitamahaya...
Date: Fri Sep 13 1996 - 21:13:53 PDT

Salutations to Sri Sadagopan for his analysis as well as  rendering of
translations of Gopalavimshati & Raghuveera Gadhyam (ongoing).  Same to the
other prapannas for additional comments and discussions on these subjects.
Here is my little chipmunk (alile) Sevai.

 Sri Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan wrote:
>>Once Navalpakkam Devanathacharya swamigal
>> mentioned that in >>our sampradaayam 
>>the following sloka 
>>(after reciting the usual dhyana sloka) 
>>is recited before the parayanam:

>>Pithamahasyapi Pithamahya
>>Prached(t)asa Desa Phala Pradaya
>>Shri Bhashyakarottama Desikaya
>>Sri Shilapoornaya Namo Namasthat<<<

I was taught this slokam as  Taniyam 
of Srisaila Purna (born 973 AD), the maternal 
uncle of Sri Ramanuja.  In the Kanya Masam, 
Shukla Paksham on the Anuradha Nakshatram
 of the year 1973, the 1000 thirunakshatram of
 Srisaila Purna was celebrated.

It may be asked, why is Srisaila Purna 
is referred to as "Pitamahasyapi pitamahaya".   
The reason for this is based on the following episode:
On early hours of the day, Srisaila purna was
 carrying water in a pot from Papanashini,
 located 5 miles from the temple, for nitya 
kainkaryam of Srinivasar. While he was 
carrying water on this forest path, a hunter
 approached him and begged:  Tata! I am very 
thirsty, give me a drop of water 
( Tatae tya manthrya kaschit vanabhuvi 
trishitah toya bindum yaychae). 
Srisaila purna said the water was intended 
for Bhagavadkainkaryam and can not be given to him. 
Saying thus he walked towards the temple, deeply 
meditating on the Lord. To his surprise when he 
approached the temple, the pot was empty. he felt 
deeply sad for having not able to perform the 
intended kainkaryam. What happened was 
that the hunter , with his arrow, had made a 
hole in the pot and had followed behind much 
of the distance, drinking the water thatleaked out. 
Next morning as usual Srisailapurna was carrying 
water, teh same hinter appeared and shot an arrow
 into a nearby hillock on the path and the water like
 amritam sprang out of this. Addressing, Srisaila purna 
again as Tata (Father in Sanskrit), instructed him to use 
that water source here on, instead of carrying water all 
the way from the distant Papanashini kolam. This body 
of water is popular as akasha Ganga.

Brahma is pitamaha, his father (Pita) is Srinivasa. 
 Because Srinivasar addressed Srisailapurna as Tata (pita, father)- Thus,
Srisaila Purna earned the title Pitamahasyapi pitamahaya.

Srisaila Purna did kalakhepam of Ramayanam 
under his grand father Alavandar. In turn,
 Ramanujacharya did kalakshpam of Ramayanam
(also known as Dheerga Sharanagathi Sastram) 
 from Srisailapurna for 18 times. Because of this 
Srisaila Purna earned the title 

(Reference: Shatamarshanara Ajana Siddha Mahimay, 
by Sri K. S. Krishnatatachar (my father).


Tatachar (K. Sreekrishna)