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Date: Tue Sep 10 1996 - 19:14:49 PDT

     To: Prapatti
Subject: Intro

Alwar Emperumaanaar Jeear Thiruvadigale Saranam

My compliments to all of you on the enlightening and thought 
provoking discussions about our 
Sampradayam and the glories of our Lord.  As many of you have 
contributed intros, I thought I would begin with the same.
My name is Mohan Raghavan, and I am an engineer with the State of 
Colorado Department of 
Transportation.  I am originally from Madras, but was raised here in 
the US.  I am married, and my 
wife and I share a home with my parents in a suburb of Denver.
Although hailing from a SriVaishnava family,  my parents raised me in 
an ecclectic Hindu 
environment.  Consequently, I have been exposed to a number of 
traditions and philosophies,  I first 
became interested in SriVaishnavism over a decade ago, soon after my 
poonal and samasrayanam.  As direct involvement in SriVaishnavism was 
limited until recently, most of my exposure to our traditions was 
through reading English works on the subject and through many 
questions to my parents.
Along with my Civil Engineering background, I have done some studies 
in cultural anthropology and comparitive religion. I hope to utilize 
some of this background in participating in this group.
I look forward to the insight and wisdom I will gain from all of you.

Daasanu Daasan,

Mohan Raghavan