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Re: naam Jap

From: krish (
Date: Fri Sep 29 1995 - 06:49:51 PDT

>>A sikh friend wishes to know which hindu scriptures
 >>stress the efficacy of chanting ( naam japna in
 >>hindi/punjabi ) for attaining mukti. I'd also
 >>appreciate a summary of what they say about it.
 >>Thanks for your references in advance.
Almost every prayer provides the reason for japam 
Sahsranam has a final verse 
"Aartha vishannh, cithilacha beetha, goreshu vyadhishu varthmanah 
 sankeertya Narayan sabdha matram, vimuktha dukkah sukino bhavantu"
A simple translation is sskers of wealth, scared dumbstruck, deadly sick
have their fears eliminated and live in peace uttering Narayana"
Another verse promises victory for warriors, wealth for merchants
and salvation for brahmins.

Does it, depends on oneself.
 But it is rather ironic that the good Lord needs you prayers!
It is more like JFK's Ask not wht you want from your country etc.
Is it not striking that the prayers attribute superhuman qualities like
strength, non aging, handsome and so on.
The yugas can be compared to thought word and deed.
Meditation is your own thought, the later are outward manifestations
to join the crowd?