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Swayamacharyas, and un-ayyangars
Date: Wed Sep 27 1995 - 21:28:53 PDT

Krish said:

>>>Among the T's there is a swamachrya group. I would like >>>to know if
>>>>the V's have it.<<<
 Yes V's also have it. I am one of them.  We were teased (by other matiyas)
as  Amatas, which I literally became in th US during the initial days when I
felt $6X8=Rs. 48 is too much for a hair cut!!
Krish also said:
>>>In a way it is interesting to note that Vaishanvites in US have such an
interest in the ritualistic aspects of their group.<<<<

Yes, I am also pleasantly surprised. I think it is directly proportional to
how ritualistic our own parents were. In a way we are remembering them !
>>>I feel that strong attachment to ritualistic aspects tend to make one
One can be prejudiced either way.  Attachment to ritual is not necessary for
that. Understanding the ritual may even make one less prejudiced.  For
example in the case of Joseph Campbell-It is his attempt to understand ritual
in a serious way that made him so broad minded and all accepting and
interpreting person-one of the greatest modern day interpreters of myth.
 >>May be I am justifying my giving it up and lving >>>an un-ayyangar

The fact that you even bothered to answer means  that the Ayyangar has not
given you up!!! I thik it is all  Relative. Just because someone discusses a
subject vehemently has nothing to do with actual practise or prejudice. This
reminds me of an anecdote.  A visitor to Rajaji's house was amazed to see
that Rajaji was working in his garden at 3PM in the afternoon and showed no
signs of snanam or sandhi (Morning samskaras). He asked Rajaji, how come you
have not done any of the nitya vidhis of Srivaishnavas which you published?
Rajaji quipped, did I say anywhere that I do any of them!!!

K. Sreekrishna