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First jeer

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Sat Sep 23 1995 - 13:37:48 PDT

Mr. Sadagopan sent me some additional details about
SrimadhaathivaN satakOpa yatheendhra maHaadhEsikan
and asked me to mail it to the group.  There seems to
be some temporary problem from his end to make the post.

-- Dileepan

There  are 4 points of Information regarding the
First Jeeyar that would compliment the Article
that you posted regarding  his Sishya Parampara:

1.The 74 Peetathipadhis caring for their disciples
became his Sishyas and brought their followers to
him inview of the special blessings that he had
received from Lord Narasimha. They brought their
Araadhya Devatas  as well and we see those
Vigrahas in worship even today in the assembly
of Vigrahas worshipped by  the present Jeeyar.

2.Talappakkam Annamacharya was commanded by
Lord Narasimha to seek the First Jeeyar as
Acharya and that made  atransformation in the
life of one of  the greatest devotees of
Thirupathi Perumal. His son has authenticted
this incident in the life of his father.The Veena
Mirasu of Talappakkam Annamacharya continues
even today. The contributions of Annamacharya now
serves as  an important core of Bhakthi literature,
thanks to the light lit by the First Jeeyar.

3.Manavala Muni (1370-1443AD) received his Preksha
mantram from the First Jeeyar and entered Sanayasa Asram.

4. The First Jeeyar has (1379-1459 AD) been generally
acknowledged as the incarnation of Swami Desikan(1268-1369AD)
by the  later Jeeyars of Ahobila Mutt.  Born 10 years after the
passing  away of Swami Desikan, the first Jeeyar is said
to bea result of the fulfilment of Sri Vedantha Desikan"s
desire to enter the Uttama Asramam  that was not availble
to him in his previous birth and life as a Grahasta.