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Sri Vasihnavas and Sivan

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Fri Sep 22 1995 - 18:46:07 PDT

Some issues of Sri Nrusimha Priya contain a section called
"KELvi - bathil" (Question - answer).  In this section the editors
make up some questions that are of interest to the reading public
and provide answers in line with our sambrathaayam.  October 94
issue contains three questions that are relevant to one of topics that
is currently under discussion here.  Given below is only a summary
of the questions and answers.  I have translated them to the best of
my abilities.

-- Dileepan

1.   Many Azhvaar paasurams urge us to worship devotees of
Lord Vishnu.  If Sivan (and Brahma) is considered a devotee of
Sriman Narayana, should we not worship him as well?

     No!  Puraanaas tell us that Sivan fought against Lord
Vishnu on behalf of Kaasiraajan and BaaNaasuran.  Some claim
that Rudran is equal to, or even greater than, Narayana.  For these
reasons the term devotee, as used by Azhvaars, does not apply to
Sivan.  But, since Sivan and Brahma are His creation we should
not harbor any enmity.  We should not dishonor or disrespect these

2.   For many years I have been worshiping several deities such
as Narayana, Rudhran, and Murugan.  If I stop worshiping deities
other than Narayana I am afraid of provoking their wrath?  Is it OK
for me to continue to worship all the deities, but consider Narayana
to be the paradevathai?

     No!  If you have surrendered to the supreme Lord Narayana
there can be no doubt that He will save you.  There is no
reason for you to fear anyone.

3.   For a number of years I have had pictures of Ganapathy,
Murugan, and Sivan in my pooja room.  I feel hesitant to remove
them now.  Is it OK to just leave them there, but pray only to Lord

     No!  Give them to someone who do worship these deities.
Keeping these pictures is like a faithful and loving wife keeping a
picture of a old boy friend (a bit of bad translation here, but
conveys the meaning).