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Neuroanatomical speculation on ThirumaN

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Sep 22 1995 - 05:09:13 PDT

THis is fairly fanciful, but please view it a light hearted manner after the
heavy traditional intrepretation fro "co(s)mic relief:.
Our Central nervous system and its "gray" matter is packed in 3 coverings (dura,
Pia etc). for protection against  accidents of Life.Theree  are a dense arterial
and veinous circulation of the fluid of life thru them in a intricate fashion
reaching out to all nooks and corners of the brain and  its  centres , which
control every motor , thought processes as long as we live. 

The brain has two hemispheres connected by the collosoal fibre bundle known as
corpus collosum, which cross connects the left and the right brain, each odf
which have special functions revealed from the Caltech Scientist et al. The
cutitng of the Corpus Collosum  and its consequences in terms of the calamities
in the coordinated functioning of the Brain has also been detailed by the
Caltech pioneer. 
We  can view the two lines of the Thiruman connected by the U shaped line as the
two lobes of the brain connected by the Corpus collosum. 

The frontal lobes  and the feeling states and the emotional aspects they
symbolize come closest at the forehead in the area of the Ajna Chakram.That
region is covered by the U shaped or the Y shaped portion of the ThirumaN. The
Central nervous System (CNS) really extends as we know down to the tip of the
spinal chord and the Dura  matter covers it as  a Sac all the way down to
Mooladharqa Chakram. The Vada kalai version might be an abstracted version of
the all powerful version of the CNS to remember and retain Bhagavan and the
Tenkalai Version the full representation of the CNS . The Cranial Nerves control
thru the Sensory and Motor branches  the functioning of the limbs in our daily
activities. The presence of ThirumaN on the upper limbs can in this  model be
associated with the Control thru the Cranial Nerves.

This allegory is mostly for semi-serious Consumption.