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Miscellaneous Points on ThirumaN discussions

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Sep 22 1995 - 05:09:01 PDT

 Questions:Why Lord Wears ThirumaN /Why Ramunuja or others applied ThirumaN to
The Lord of Thiruvenkatam?He surely does not need it.  Why Ramanuja was not
welcome at Siva temples ?

Ramanuja Related Questions:
It  is said that Ramanuja requested ThiruVekatamudayan to wear the Sanka and
Chakra after entering His Sanctum as a Serpent(Adi Sesha) thru the water hole .
The hagiographic  account refers to the Archa at Thirupati being that of Sankara
or Subramnaya . In this  context, One of the Azhwar  refers to the blending  of
the Body of Siva and Vishnu in one at Thirumalai( Third Thiruvanthadhi: Verse
63). Peyazhwar is the One great Azhwar, who saw the form of Divine couple and
cried out  in Thirukkovalur
" Thirukkanden, ponmeni Kanden--". Even today, Bilvarchana at Thirupathi and the
nonremoval of the Golden Kavacham for the two weapon-bearing  hands of
Thiruvekatamudayan even during Thirumanjanam and Adi sankara"s establishment of
Dhanaakarshana Yantra at Thirupathi are mysteries. Regarding Ramanuja, There is
no reason for him to be unwelcome at Siva Temples, except that he had  no reason
to go there.

Why the Lord Wears ThirumaN?

Ramanuja is also known as Godhagraja or the elder  to Andaal based on an
incident that happpened at Thirumaaliruncholai ( Offering of the 1000 vessels of
Akkaravadisal on behalf of Aandal). Ramanuja is also known as Thiuppavai Jeeyar,
because of the joy that he experienced in reciting Thiruppavai Verses and the
reverence he had for the Philosophy of Aandal. She , unlike other Azhwars
reminded Her Lord of his duties and  awakened from his slumber (Yoga nidra). She
reminded her Lord about his sworn duties to rescue the tormented Jeevans and
interceded on their behalf. Ramanuja in the spirit of Andaal might have put the
ThirumaN on the Lord to remind Him of His duties to use his  weapons to come to
the rescue of the Jeevans. I think however the practise of wearing ThirumaN goes
to a time much before Ramanuja.

In conclusion, it can be said that Lord wears Thiruman not as His Lotus feet on
His forehead , but as an indication of the power of his weapons and His presence
in every one of the directions to protect His devotees. When the Vaishnavas wear
the Pundrams , they consider their body as being protected by His weapons and as
a temple for the Divine Couple. Thus , there  are two separate  reasons for the
ThirmaN wearing by the Lord and His devotees.