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visit to kshetras - for moksha

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Thu Sep 21 1995 - 11:00:40 PDT

as per vedanta deskika's rahasya traya sara,

visit to kshetras (certain) will lead to moksha but not a sufficient
means for moksha.  

according to vedanta desika,  there are two methods for moksha
1) bhakti yoga
2) prapatti

these are the only two ways for moksha.  Note that tenkalai sect
does not differ in the view that prapatti is a sufficient means for
moksha but it only maintains that, it is not appropriate for a jeeva
to perform prapatti as an act - it is something to be understood that
we are surrendered souls to sriman narayana and a formal initiation
is not needed.

This brings an interesting interpretation. of the rahasya -
in the charama sloka of bhagawadgita - 18 - 66.  the word
sharanam vraja - in interpreted by tenkalai sect as "avagaccha"
ie. "to know (that you are surrendered soul)".  the vadagalai sect
takes that word "vraja" in both the grammatical verb root meanings -
ie to " to go" - vraj gathau,  and vraj bodhane (I think) - which means
knowing.  so vadagalai insists on actual formal "karmic" performance
of prapatti in addition to mental knowing.

this should clarify that tenkalai and vadagalai views are not 
diametrically opposite. 

by the way the the thirunakshatram of "Adivan Satagopa Yateendra
maha desikan" the first acharya of ahobilam is on oct 4th, 1995.

incidentally, pillai lokacharya and adivan satagopa yateendra maha
desikan's previous acharya had a common acharya - 

Request to sadagopan :  If you have the article on our ahobilam
first acharya on computer, please post it on this net.