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Re: Shaivite vs. Vaishnavite faiths

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Thu Sep 21 1995 - 10:21:28 PDT

>I did not know that there are Smarthas who wear Thiruman. This is very 
>interesting. I was aware of Oothukadu's Krishna ganam as I am an ardent 
>Carnatic music fan.

My "smartha" friend in Bangalore told me his own uncles in Tiruchi wear "thirmaN".
Something else he told me is that the daily vedic chants in Tirumalai are done by a
group of all smarthas, after the Sri Vaishnava group finishes the naalaayiram chanting.

>> Finally, why they do not care for Siva Temples? It is because Sri Ramanuja
>> was not acccepted by Siva temples.
>This I did not. Could you elaborate on why he was not accepted? Was the reason
>ideological or based merely on prejudice?

Sri Ramanuja's reforms were rather too strong for his time. Admitting women and
all castes in the maTams. He questioned the authority of Adi Sankara's maTams.
There indeed was a lot of ideological opposition.
Also he was not prepared to sign the declaration that "nothing is greater than Siva".
The aazvaars accepted Siva, but accorded a higher status to Vishnu. Ramanuja
considered naadhamuni, aaLavandhaar and the aazhvaars as his spiritual leaders.

Srinivasan K