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ThirumaN etc.

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Thu Sep 21 1995 - 08:35:36 PDT

>Also during the time of Sri Ramanuja the Thegalai and Vadagalai sects
>were not present. The difference in the Thegalai and Vadagalai ThirumaN is
>that the Thengalai thirumaN is a little "Y" shaped whereas the
>Vadagali ThirumaN is "U" shaped. Our temple in Malleswaram, Bangalore
>has witnessed some major fights on account of the pattern of applying
>the ThirumaN itself.

I would like to add the the "thengalai" "vadagalai" mixtures are very common
since at least my great grand father's generation (I am 52). The "purity" that
some might claim is "solely" from the father's side. Also both vadagalai
and thengalai trace to the 74 simhasanadipatis of Ramanuja.

The fights have been quite publicized. I do not know how much is truth and
how much is exageration. They were probably more like "political parties",
when it came to control of temple administration.