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Re: Symbols worn by Vaisnavas on the Body

From: T.G. Srinivasan 31288 (
Date: Wed Sep 20 1995 - 10:11:55 PDT

Folks -:-)

Some quick thoughts:
	(1) The number of namams is twelve (dva-dasa) corresponding to the 
Lord's names we recite in "achamanam". This is what I learnt and not eleven as 
someone wrote. (Apologies, I am new to the group and slowly i get to know th 

	(2) An interesting fact for some may be that during times of grief,only 
the Thiruman is worn without the Sri Churanam.


Who am I: I am a moderate Vaishnava wishing to learn more about the 
philosophical aspects of all religions, particularly our sect.