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ThiruvAimozhi NooRRandhAthi of Sri MaNavALa MaamunigaL for the web pags of Sri MaamunigaL(MM): Part V ( ThiruvAimozhi: I.4.1-11):Anjiraya Mada NaarAi Pathikam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 11:46:06 PDT

SrimathE RaamAnujAya Nama:

Dear BhakthAs:

In the fifth paasuram of TVMN , MM describes 
the mind set of Swamy NammAzhwAr, who took on the form of 
a damsel ( ParAnkusa Naayaki) , who is separated from her Lord ;
in the role of sorrowing ParAnkusa Naayaki suffering
from virah athApam (anguish of separation ) , She sent messages 
to Her Lord through various birds (AchAryAs) 
to unite her with the Lord (Naayakan): 

anchiraya putkkaL tamai AazhiyAnukku --neer
  yenn seyali sollum yena iranthu-- vinja
nalangiya tamm MaaRan inghE Naayakanait-thEdi
  malankiyathum patthi VaLam 

(Prose order): MaaRan Amm SiRaya PutkkaL tamai neer 
AazhiyAnukku yenn seyalai sollum yena iranthu , vinja 
nalankiyathum inghE Naayakanit-thEdi malangiyathum 
Patthi VaLam .

(meaning):Swamy NammAzhwAr(Parankusa Naayaki)appealed to 
the Cranes and other birds with beautiful wings to reach 
the side of the KshIrAbdhi NaaTan and tell Him about
Her pitiable state caused by her seperation from Him.
Her moving entreaty to the birds to help her is a testament
to her intensity of suffering over the search for her Lord
in this land and reveals the glory of Bhakthi.   

(uyir Karutthu:
Sending of Swift-footed Messengers to the Lord
on their missions to unite her with the Lord .

The eleven pasurams of this ThiruvAimozhi are 
addressed to " Yezhu ulahatthavar  PerumAn aLavu-
iyanRa KaNNan"( To the ParAth-Paran , who is the Lord
of the Jeevans in all the seven worlds and who is 
Bhaktha PaaratanTryan (Under the influence of His devotees)
and in her ( ParAnkusa Naayaki's) case , the compliant lover
(kaathalan).ParAnkusa Naayaki pleads with the different birds 
to take her message to Her Lord , who is " nissEsha Aha: sahan " 
and as such forgiver of all apachArams of His dear BhakthAs 
and will not abandon them (Natha sathyan) ever.

The inner meaning of this appeal to the birds is that
the AchAryan is the most appropriate messenger(one who
intercedes with the dhivya dampathis).Swamy Desikan has 
elaborated on the ten messengers chosen by ParAnkusa Naayaki
in this decad( Dr. V.N.Vedanatha Desikan's arrangement
of Swamy Desikan's Taathparya RathnAvaLi SlOkam ):

1) Narai Pakshi(Crane): It symbolizes a bird , which is always
seen in the company of its mate just as AchAryAs are always united
with the Lord on a mental plane.

2)KuilkaL (Nightingale): Sweet voice ; AchAryAs have 
nectarine voices and interpret sweet Sri Sookthis for 
the ears of sishyAs.

3)AnnankaL ( Swans): Beautiful Gait;the SadAchAram and 
exemplary anushtAnams of the AchAryAs are implied here.

4)AnRil Birds(ChakravAka Birds) :Blue Hue; AchAryAs have 
soulabhyam (Ease of access for their sishyAs) just as 
their Lord, Neela mEgha VarNan , KaNNan.

5)Kuruhu Bird (Sarasa Bird): they are always eager to find food 
for their children . AchAryAs like Kuruhus enjoy the Lord 
and share that enjoyment with their sishyAs through 

6) VaNDU ( Large Bees): they have marks in the form of lines
suggesting a disc . AchAryAs like VaNDukaL bear the insignias
of the Lord ( Disc and Conch). 

7) KiLi/pet Parrot: state of Youth. AchAryAs like parrots 
have the blemishless bhaavam of the young ones.They never 
boast about their greatness and glories.

8) Poovai bird /Saarika Bird: a bird that is nourished by 
the food lovingly presented by its mistress. AchAryAs are like 
Poovai birds in that they are nourished by the dhravyam 
presented by their loving sishyAs.

9) Vadai KaaRRU ( the chill breeze ): The quality of 
coolness. AchAryAs like Vadaik KaaRRU bless the SishyAs 
with their cool anugraham.

10) Nenjam (Mind): The quality of intimate relationship  
with its mistress. AchAryAs like mind are very close 
(antharangam) to their sishyAs , while being intimate
with their Lord as in the case of Thirukkacchi Nampi
to Lord VaradarAjan of Kaanchipuram . 

Swamy NammAzhwAr uses Bhairanga Vasthus ( exterir objects:
the different birds ) and antharanga vasthu (intimate
objects) like Mind to send the various messages to 
the Lord .AchAryA's PurushakArathvam is
celebrated here (DesikAs-tathra DhUthA:). 

Links to the ThiruvAimozhi Pathikam of I.3.1-11
1) amm SiRaya Mada NaarAi--TVM: I.4.1 ( The AchAryAs have 
the twin wings of Jn~Anam and anushtAnam).

2) munn seytha muzhu vinayAl Thruvadikkeezh kuRREval
munn seyya muyalAthEn ! inam ahalvathuvO vithi ?--TVM: I.4.2
( Due to unadulteratd sins , adiyEn did not engage
in antharanga kaimkaryam to my Lord . adiyEn repents
over this now and am suffering . Is it fair to
keep me away from such antharanga kaimkaryam now ?)

3)Yenn solli yaan solluvEn ? --TVM: I.4.4
( How can I describe my suffering with understandable
examples to persuade you to go on a mission for me ?).

4) Pozhil yEzhum nalhi kAtthu aLikkum ThAnn , VinayERkku
nalha aahAthu thAnO ?--TVM: I.4.5  
( Why would not my Lord , who befriends Jeevans in
all His seven worlds and removes their sorrows 
display freindship to me , the sinner ?).

5. Aazhi Vari VaNDE ! ( The circling bee with six legs:
This represents the dhvaya Manthra Nishtar, the AchAryar .
according to Sri UthtamUr Swamy , the six legs connoting
the six ways of SaraNAgathi / shadvidhA saraNAgathi: are:
They extract the honey from the Saasthrams and bless
the world with their efforts.

6. Vinai aRRathu yenn seyvathO? --TVM: I.4.9
(What can I do , who is devoid of BhAgyam?).

In every one of this decad's paasurams, the AparAdha
sahathvam ( the forbearance of the trespasses by us) 
of the Lord is referred to and appeals are made to 
that Lord of infinite mercy to unite her (ParAnkusa Naayaki ) 
with Him . According to the observation , "DesikAs Tathra DhUthA: 
( The AchAryans are the Messengers there) , AchAryAs are invoked 
to do the intercession with the Lord.The help of PrAchAryAs 
(AchAryAs of AchAryAs) and the entire Guru ParamparA 
are sought to achieve the goal of union with the Lord. 

Swamy NammAzhwAr instructs us that understanding of 
this decad of ten paasurams embellished with letters 
(Yezhutthu),Soll (Words and Sound) , Meaning ( PoruL) , 
Grammar (Yappu) and metres and similies (alankAram ) 
in strict accordance with the rules of Tamizh poetry
would assure us the wealth of Sri Vaikuntam and
the bhAgyam of eternal service (nithya Kaimkaryam ) 
there to the dhivya dampathis .

Swamy NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Vaazhi Maamunivan ThiruvAimozhi NooRRandhAthi ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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