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From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 07:40:40 PDT

Dear Sundararajan: 

SravaNa nakshathram is indeed the VishNu Nakshathram ,
associated always with Sriman NaarAyaNan.

The avaathAram of the Lord is celebrated with
appropriate Nakshathrams and Thithi. The nirnayam
of the date for such celebrations is defined by
our AchAryAs elaborately.Therefore , I will mkae
general statements and refer you to detailed articles 
in the Bhakthi archives about the rationale behind settling on
these dates each year.

For instance Sri Krishna Jayanthi celebrating His avathAram
at Vada Mathurai is celebrated in Ashtami thithi 
of "AvaNi month ", when RohiNi Nakshathram is in
ascendance . Lord Rama was born on a Punarvasu Nakshthram,
Navami Thithi. Lord NrusimhA's avathAra Dinam is SvAthi.
Lord RanganAthA's descent as archA moorthy at Srirangam is
Revathi. Sri RanganAyaki ThAyaar's avathAra Dinam is Uthtira Nakshathram 
in Panguni. Lord of Seven hills appeared as self-manifest
on this PurattAsi SravaNam day for wedding PadmAvathi ThAyAr. 
The Lord is beyond time , dEsam and other prescribing limitations. 
But , for our purposes of special adoration of Him ,
we single out these days as Thirunakshathram days.

In answer to your second  question , in  the old times , 
there have been many Vedic seers ,who were women. 
There was no limitaiton on them to study
or recite Vedams .Many Veda Manthrams bear their names (e-g):
LobhA MudhrA , the wife of Sage Agasthyar et al.
I have written a detailed  article on Vedic Women(RishikAs). 
Smt .Nagu Satyan can help you retrieve it , since it was published 
in the Naama news letter.

Times change and in the recent practise , Women do not
learn to recite Vedams . SthrI dharmam in Kali Yugam has
rstricted Vedic learning for the male during their 
BrahmachAri days and Upanayanam is performed to start them off
to learn Vedam at a qualified teacher's feet. Today as before ,
Women have equal rights in all Vedic ceremonies , Yaagam , 
Yaj~nyam  et al. Once the wife has passed away , the Man loses 
his adhikAram to perform these samskArams .

I have posted another detailed articles on the 40  Hindu samskArams
that you may find useful introduction .It should also be in the Bhakthi

NamO NaarAyaNAya ,

At 03:23 PM 9/27/01 +0700, you wrote:
>SrimathE RaamAnujAya Namaha 
>AzhvAr EmperumAnAr Jeeyar TiruvadigalE Saranam
>Dear Bakthas
>I have the following 2 queries : 
>1.  Is Sravana Nakshatram the birth star of Sriman NaarAyanan. 

 If so, whether Bhagavan was born in the Bhoo Lokam.  What is the
significance of "Born"
>2.  I understand that "Ladies" should not recite Vedham.  Is there any
emperical reason for this ?
>I would request the elite members of this group to enlighten this
ignorant's query.
>Beg pardon if the question is wrong in any way to be raised.
>Best Regards
>G. Sundarrajan
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