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Swamy Desikan Thirunakshathram special- Swamy's concern for Humanity

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 07:01:11 PDT

SrImathe Ramanujaya namah:
SrImathe Nigamantha mahadesikaya namah:

SrImAn venkatanAthAryaH kavitArkika kesarI |
vedAntAcArya-varyome sannidhattAm sadA hRdi ||

May the glorious Sri Venkatanatha, the greatest of teachers of Vedanta, and 
the lion among poets and debaters, reside forever in my heart.

Today is Purattaasi ThiruvONam. Swamy Desikan's Thirunakshathram (also of 
ThiruvEmkatamudaiyaan Sri Srinivasa PerumAL). Swamy Desikan's concern for 
the entire humanity irrespective of differences of caste, creed, or religion 
is amply demonstrated by the following phrases found in his variuos 
sthOthrams and works.

1. -parasara hithaishiNAm parisarEshu mAm varthaya - May I be allowed to
live in a place filled with people who thinks of natural goodwill for each 
2. -SrEyasE jagathAmEthath SrImadhashtabhujAshtakam- May this
ashtabhujAshtakam spread benefits to the entire world.
3. -anasUyubhirAdharENa bhAvyA- With devotion and free from jealousy
4. -DhEhaLeesasthuthi phalsruthi slOkam- May this dhEhaLeesa sthuthi grant 
all wishes to us who have desires for all wrodly things but are miserly too, 
thus facing untold misery.
5. sarasijanilayaayaa: sthOthramEthath paTantha:|
sakalakuSala sImA: saarvahoumA bhavanthi: || (SrIsthuthi)
All those who read this hymn on Her who resides on the Lotus will reap all 
benefits and become emperors of their domain.
6. srEyasE bhUyasE sathAm kruthEyam- (ShodasAyudha sthOthram) Written for 
the benefit of all good men

7. Swamy Desikan also has very beautifully written for our enlightenment
(in SaaranishkarshAdhikAram of Srimad Rahasyathrayasaaram)

asaaramalpasaaram cha saaram saaratharam thayajEth |
bhajEth saarathamam SaasthrE rathnAkar ivAmrutham ||

One should ignore what has no value; what is only of slight value; and even 
what is even more valued.. It is only what is THE MOST VALUABLE that one 
should prefer in the scriptures.., like ambrosia in the ocean.

(above is from the write up by SRi MK Srinivasan Swamy from Vedantha 
Desika-special number)

How apt and how enlighetened we would be if we follow Acharya's advice,
Verses and writings of Acharyan..

On this Great day, isnít it right and most appropriate for us to pay our 
humble samarpaNams to Swamy Desikan by contributing our mite towards the 
construction of ThUppul maNdapam for Swamy Desikan? LET US PLEDGE NOW..


Please donate according to your shakthi. The money can be sent to "Thuppul 
Trust" and the address is:

Thuppul Trust
Old No.20, New No.24, Thiruvengadam Street
West Mambalam, Chennai-600033, India
Phone No: 91-44-4741559 / 91-44-3715771

Please contact Sri. V.K. Sudharshan at or Sri Lakshmi N 
Srinivasa (He can collect and send it as single amount 
in USA).

The address:

Lakshminarasimhan Srinivasa
3 Old Towne Road, #212
Ayer, MA-01432

For those in the South East Asia, please contact me at . Please pass on this kaimkaryam to as many people 
as possible in order to complete the same.

kavi-tArkika-simhAya kalyANa-guNa-SAline |
Srimate venkateSAya vedAntagurave namaH ||

Salutations to Sri Venkatesa, in whom all perfection resides, who is the 
teacher of Vedanta and the lion among poets and debaters!

Swamy Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana
NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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