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Bhraahmi muhurtam

From: Sandhya Chandarlapaty (
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 17:18:54 PDT

Sree Raama Namaha:

Respected Bhaktaas,

 Please pardon my ignorance and kindly help clarify my
doubt regarding Braahmi muhurtam.

 In "PrAtarNithyAnuSanDHeyam" by Sri Gopalaachaarya it
was mentioned in the preface that the best time to
chant the prayers such as Haryaashtakam, SaranAgathi
Gadyam etc. is the Braahmi Muhurtam - "Braahme
muhurthe chodTHAya chintayE dAtmanOhitham" was quoted
in the book. I am trying the understand the meaning of
this as well to know what this time in the early hours
is. Kindly clarify this.

Sree Raama Jayam:




bantu reeti koluvu eeyavayya Raama


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