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Re: infomation required

From: Rajaram Venkataramani (
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 08:33:40 PDT

Dear Sri Mani - 

Thanks for your explanation on Vishnu Sahasranama. Is
there some place where I can find out the basis of
your statements regardning Lalitha Sahasranama ?
> Regarding the Lalita Sahasranaamam, I do not wish to
> comment much except to say that it is a recent
> composition, 
> a poor imitation of the original Sahasranama
> mentioned above.  
> The legend surrounding its origin strikes me as
> unpalatable.  And
> overriding all other issues, its unwarranted
> criticism of the 
> original Sahasranama deems it worthy of total
> rejection,
> in my humble opinion.

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