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Re: Sravan's Visit to Srirangam Temple

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 13:11:26 PDT

Dear bAgawathAs,

Thanks to  Sri VS  for forwarding the  small scribe on visit
to Srirangam temple, written by  my son  Chi Sravan.  adiyEn
also  thank  Sri Mani for providing a lot of details. adiyEn
wants to add a little as desired by Sri VS.

adiyEn think that my son  had  mentioned  that  the  biggest
"Hindu Temple" in the world is Srirangam temple.  So  adiyEn
is sure that he didnot consider Buddha temples in comparison
with Srirangam temple as they come under  different category
in the Guinness.

adiyEn and many Srivaishnavas believes that Srirangam temple
begins its premises from the adayavalainchAn and rAjagopuram
built by Sri HH 44h jeer. It is suggested by seers that  any
temple may be considered  beginning  its premises  from  the
rAja gopuram. The fact that there are  streets and habitants
living in and around the last 3 circuits doesnot make  those
circuits as one that are exempted from temple premises.

Those puNNiyAthmAs who are blessed to live in those circuits
are themselves considered  the  dEvas and nitya suris in our
Srivaishnava  sampradAyam.  We  also  note  that  there  are
several sannithis  for  our  AchAryAs  and perumALs  in  and
around those circuits where regular worshipping takes place.
When  one  enters from  one  circuit into the other from any
side, they  have  to  enter  through a  small  gopuram.  ie..
There are gopurams that form the part of  these  streets  as
well. There  are  temple  rituals and protocols  that assume
significance  that  these  circuits  are part of the temple.
"nagara sOthanai" by sEnai muthaliyAr  takes place routinely
and so on. Besides that  point,  if  one  may  consider  the
temple from the kArthigai gopuram itself,  such area  may be
bigger than Madurai Sri MeenAkshi Amman  temple.  As  far as
adiyEn have seen,  the  second  biggest  temple  may be  the
Chidambaram thillai thiruchchithrak koodam temple.

Regarding the Guinnes book, adiyEn read it  myself  when  my
son showed it to me. That book  also cites  London's   Hindu
temple as the biggest hindu temple  outside  India.  Besides
there are listings on what are the biggest places of worship
for each religion and I didnot   care to look at all of them
closely enough to comment.  It is a concise  edition that is
sold in US and probably  made for children I believe. adiyEn
will give the particulars of this edition  to  you later  in
the day.

thirukkudanthai Sampath Rengarajan

BTW, Chi Sravan wanted to write that he saw two garudans and
their nest on top of a tree near chandra  pushkarani.  Since
it is kind of rare to see GarudA's nest he thinks it is very
significant and important to note.

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