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Re: Sudarsana Kavacham- Sanskrit Text

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 05:58:37 PDT

At 10:42 AM 9/26/01 +0530, you wrote:
>Respected Sir,
>Adiyen has got a Sanskrit text on Sudarsana Kavacham.  The book is
>published by Shri Acharya peeth, Bareilly.  i can take photocopy of the
>text and mail the same to the Sudarsana Upasakar in WEst Bengal.  The
>Sudarsana Kavacham is a part of Sri Vihagendra Samhita. The text
>contains 55 slokas.  Please let me know the address of the  Sudarsana
>Upasakar in  West Bengal to enable me to send the photocopy of the text.  
>A. Varada Desikan
>New Delhi
>> A Sudarsana UpAsakar in West Bengal needs urgent access to 
>> Sudarsana Kavacham Text. Can any one in India let me know how 
>> and where one can get a copy of the Sanskrit Text of
>> Sudarsana Kavacham . Thanks in advance for letting me know
>> to help this devotee. 

Dear Sri Varada Desikan :

I am delighted to hear that you have a copy of 
the precious text of Sudarsana Kavacham and could help
the Bhakthar from West Bengal .By copy of this note , I am
requesting this Bhakthar from West Bengal to contact you .

I have copied the other lists for their general information
on the housing of Sudarsana Kavacham in VigahEndra Samhithai.

There are some precious materials in VigahEndhra Samhithai.
Swamy Desikan , the Sarva Tantra Svatantrar quotes an important
slOkam from there to illustrate the sacredness of BhaagavathAs 
in the 25th Chapter of Srimath Rahasya Thrya Saaram :

NaarAyaNika-Nishtasya yaa yaa vrutthi: tadharchanam
yO yO jalpasya sa Japa: Tath dhyAnam yannirIkshaNam
Tath PaadhAmbhavathulam Theertham tath ucchisshtam SupAvanam
tadhukthimAthram manthraagryam tath sprushtam akhilam Suchi

(meaning): For that One , who thinks all the time about
Sriman NaarAyaNan , whatever his karmAs (activities) are ,
they are equivalent to Bhagavath AarAdhanam .Whatever he
speaks about are the equivalents of Japam of MahA manthrams.
Whatever he sees are the equivalent to Bhagavath DhyAnam .
The water associated with his feet are matchless sacred 
waters (like GangA Theertham).The left overs from his 
eating are sacred to partake.All his speeches are the loftiest
of Manthrams .Whatever he touches becomes pure and pious.

Each of the samhithais have treasures housed in them
by our EmperumAn , MahA Lakshmi and Maharishis . 

Thanks for responding to the appeal to identify 
possible sources of Sudarsana Kavacham ,

karOmi Yadhyath Sakalam parasmai 

Namo NarAyaNAya ,


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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