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Re: Contd: Clarification on Ugra Narasimhar

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 00:11:47 PDT

SrImathE Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya namah:
Dear Sri Sridhar,

Sri Guna Venkat replied very beautifully:
Let me add two cents worth on the GREATEST SrI Narasihma avtaar.

HiraNyakasipu asked:

Oh Prahalada, if He is there everywhere, why is He not here- present
in this pillar? Let me cut your head and let me see how your most
worshippable Lord comes to protect you. With terrible anger,
hiraNyakasipu struck his fist against the pillar.

aLanthitta thooNai avan thatta AngE vaLarndhittu vALugirrch singavuruvaay/ 
... (PeriyAzhwAr Thirumozhi)

THERE APPEARED FROM THE PILLAR, CAME A fierceful sound, which appeared to 
crack the covering of the universe. It reached even the abodes of Brahma. 
Demi-gods thought the planets are getting destroyed.

Sri NammAzhwAr's ThiruvAymozhi describes wonderfully:

"engum uLan KaNNan enRa maganik kaayndhu/
inghu illaiyaa? enRu iraNiyan thooN pudaippa,
"anghu", "appozhudhE" avan veeyat thOnRiya
"en" Singapiraan perumai aarayum seermaitthE..

what an anubhavam and emotional narration of MaaRan..!
Prahalada says.. enghum uLan.  (KaNNan is there everywhere)
IraNiyan asks "inghu illaiyaa? (is He not here?)
The Bhagawathas say "He is everywhere.
The athiest asks in negative.
Bhagawatha is affirmative and positive.
anghu- (Then and there..-Immediately), appozhudhE, avan veeyatthOnRiya..
what a word! en- My Singapiraan- ennudaiya Singapiraan- My Lord Nrusimhan-
ArAyum seermaitthE- Can His graetness be measured and comprehended? (Never)

HiraNyakasipu studied the form of the Lord:

It was extremely fearsome, because of His angry eyes, like molten gold,
shining mane, which added ferocity to the face, His deadly sharp teeth,
His razor sharp tongue, the erect ears, the cave like nostrils and the
mouth, slightly parted jaws, the whole body so huge that it touched the sky, 
short neck and thick, broad chest, thin waist and the body hairs like the 
rays of moon. Long arms spread in all directions;

Just a small insect falls forcefully into the fire, the insignificant
creature becomes invisible, HiraNyakasipu attacked the Lord, who was
full of effulgence. Like Garuda plays with the snake by slowly releasing
and again catching, the Lord left him a little by letting him come back
to fight; HiraNyakasipu thought he is winning.

Making a huge noise, shrill sound of laughter, the Great Lord Sri Narasihman 
who is extremely strong and powerful, captured HiraNyakasipu, and with the 
great speed, He hit him on the strong chest. With great speed, HiraNyakasipu 
was tossed sometimes in the sky and sometimes in the earth, he kept his eyes 
closed because of fear of the Lord and His laughter.

Lord Sri Narasingan placed HiraNyakasipu on His lap supporting him with
His thighs, in the doorway, at twilight and effortlessly and very easily
tore open the demon to pieces with His sharp nails.

Lord Sri Narsimhan's mouth and mane were sprinkled with blood, His
fearsome, fierce eyes, full of anger, were just impossible to look at.
Licking the edge of the mouth with his tongue, simply threw the body aside.

Manifesting a full effulgence, He roamed in the corridors, being very
angry. He sat down on the assembly hall on the throne. No one, out of fear 
could dare come near except Prahalada.

Brahma requested Prahalada, Sri Narasimhan is extremely angry and fearsome  
at Your father. Please go to Him and only You can appease Him. He appeared 
only for You. (Naturally, four faced Brahma is very scared; because he only 
had granted such a boon to HiraNyakasipu).

Prahalada gradually (A devotee is not at all scared of the Lord) went to Him 
and fell down prostrating at His Feet to pay His obeisance.

The Lord (with angry eyes) looked with great dayA and compassion to 
Prahalada (what a combination! Only he can have such fierceful, merciful 
eyes simultaneously)

He became ecstatic to see His devotee and placed His Lotus Hand
on the head of Prahalada. Prahalada became completely freed of all
contamination (if any existed), and his heart was full of Parama bhakti.

Although the Lion is very ferocious, it is very kind to her cubs.
Although fearsome, and fierceful (to HiraNyakasipu- non devoted
People), Sri Narsimhan is very kind and merciful to devotees.

Oh Narasimhaa! You are sarva sakthan. When You have decided
to protect someone, is there any need to look for someone else?
And should You decide Not to save one, is there anyone who can
save him at all? Realising that, I surrender to You Lotus Feet only.
Swami Desikan's Kaamaasikaashtakam (slOka 8):
Narayana Narayana
NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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