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Birthday Celebration of Lord Srinivasa (Balaji) and Acharyas on 29 September 2001 at Sri RanganAthA Temple , Pomona , NY

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 15:33:00 PDT

Dear BhakthAs: 

You are invited to attend the Birthday celebration of Lord Srinivasa
(Venkatesha, Balaji) and great Acharyas at Sri Ranganatha Temple, Pomona,
New York and receive His blessings. The detail program is provided below.

For details and directions, please visit the Homepage at

A special participative prayer to Lord Srinivasa is planned. A group of
devotees led by Dr. V. Sadagopan (New York) will recite Sri Venkatesha
Sahasranama (1008 names), with the temple priests doing the Archana (offer
of flowers at the Lord's feet). Devotees will be asked to recite the names
by following the goshti (parayana group).

Regards, Nagalakshmi (Nagu) Satyan
For the Board of Trustees

               Sri Ranganatha Temple Celebrates

             Birthday of Lord Srinivasa (Balaji) and
               The Birthdays of Great Acharyas:
                   Swami Vedantha Desikan
                  and Srimad Adi Vann Satakopan

                  Saturday, 29 September 2001


Vishwaroopa				     8.00 AM

Thirumanjanam (Abisheka) to Lord Srinivasa (Balaji),
         Swami Desikan, and Srimad Adi Vann Satakopan
10:00 AM to 12.00 Noon

         Recitation of the 108 slokas of Swami Desikan's "Daya Satakam" in
praise of Lord Srinivasa (Balaji)--M.Rangaswamy  & V.Sadagopan

         Recitation of the 1008 slokas of Swami Desikan's
         "Sri Ranganatha Padhuka Sahasram"--V.Sadagopan & M.Rangaswamy

         Recitation of Sri Venkatesa Sahasranama by the
                Assembled Devotees

SaRRumurai (Mangala Aarathi)			1:00 PM

Prasadam Distribution		             	1:30 PM

          Thirumanjanam (Abisheka) Sponsorship: $108/
            Payable to Sri Ranganatha Seva Samithi

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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