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Re: Vishnava temples in TN and AP.

From: Tirumanjanam Sundara Rajan (
Date: Fri Sep 21 2001 - 19:47:49 PDT

dear Sri Ravi,

You may like to give a thought about funds for 
Sri Andal Charitable Trust, Chennai, as per the 'Appeal' 
which I have already posted on the bhakti-list?

By the way, may I know where you are stationed as of now ?

I am myself a 'tiruvaDi-sambandhi' of svami mudali-ANDAn.

best wishes from
T.S. Sundara Rajan
at Srirangam.

Kaliyur Srinivasan Ravi wrote Fri, 21 Sep 2001 12:23:24 +0200:
I am Sri Mudaliyandan Swami shishya.
I have seen many thing happening through this network.
I came to know that there are some Vaishnavas temples in Tamil Nadu and
Pradesh which is very very  poor.    Even though some are maintained by
Devestanam. Those temples are not in a position to do daily pooja also.
So I
request our members to provide me the information,   names of the
temples and
places where located, Route and contact person and telephone numbers. I
planning to donate some amount. If possible I want to visit these
places.        Kaliyur Srinivasan Ravi

 Sri Andal Charitable Trust, Chennai.
 91 Thulasingam Street, Perambur, Chennai-600 011 (India).

Phone: 044-551.18.61 (Vidwan Srivilliputtur R. Kannan Swamy).


Commencing from January 1998, the Andal Trust has been rendering the
sacramental services in the in the twin temples of  Sri-vaTa-patra-SAyee
ANDAL  in the sacred city of Srivilliputtur :-

1. Daily chanting of Veda and Divya-prabandham scripture on prescribed
2. Offering (token) cash 'sambhAvanam' (ceremonial fee) to the
for the service of recitation.
3. Providing the materials for the daily 'snapana-tirumanjanam' of

4. Organising food offerings (taLikai/naivEdyam prasAdam) in morning,
and evening hours, in the shrines of  Sri Vatapatra-Sayee, Andal and
5. Distribution of food 'prasadam' (sacrament) to the
(outstation pilgrims) who visit  Srivilliputtur.

The Andal Trust has received support from Sri Vaana-maa-malai Jeeyar
Svami, Sri
Azhakia-Singar Svami of the Ahobila Matham, Srimat Srirangam Andavan
TridanDi Sriman Narayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Svami, and several other

It is now common knowledge that our ancient temples revered in the Sri
Vaishnava sampradaayam have been systematically and steadily deprived of
properties and sumptuous historic endowments.   Their cash revenues,
such as
they are, continue to be frittered away on organising of fancy events
which are
unrelated to the primary identity and history of the temples.   The
beautiful and time-honoured rites receive but token and meagre
observance as
they are held in contempt by the temple bureaucracy.

The Andal Trust was set up and registered as an independent agency to
ensure a
minimum degree of regular worship three times every day
('nitya-trikAla-tiru-ArAdhanam').     The corpus fund was constituted
minimum individual donations of Rs.3000/-, and a total sum of Rs.13
lakhs was
raised and invested as capital fund.   The interest realised at 15% was
adequate for meeting the expenses of daily worship, but the cash yield
has been
steeply decreasing as interest rates have fallen as low as 7%.     This
obliged the Trust to seek further enhancement of the corpus fund, in
order that
it can support even the minimum desired level of regular worship in the
venerated shrines of Sri Vatapatra-Sayee, Andal and Periyazhvar in
Srivilliputtur, which is the fountainhead of our sacred hymns,
and tiru-p-pAvai.

The Trust accordingly appeals to all 'Astika-s' to contribute urgently
generously, as  voluntary  religious service, and as a rescue operation
for the
noble traditions of our religion.      DONATIONS TO THE ANDAL TRUST are
exempted from Income Tax under Section 80(G) of the IT Act.    Donations
kindly be sent to the above address through Demand Drafts or Cheques
made in
favour of "Sri Andal Charitable Trust, Chennai".

R. Kannan Swamy,
Trustee, Sri Andal Charitable Trust, Chennai.
September 2001.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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