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RE: deSikar's flight to satyakalam

From: Srinath Chakravarty (
Date: Fri Sep 21 2001 - 16:36:09 PDT

Smt. Jayashree and Sri. MadhavakaNNan:

It is a historical fact that swAmi deSikan fled the
invaders of Srirangam under Malik Kafur and sought
refuge in the satyamangala kshetram near Mysore.

However, it is not possible to "run from" such
invasions.  By some accounts, upwards of ten thousand
pilgrmis perished on that single day which marked
the brutal invasion of Srirangam in 1327 CE.  This
included Sudarshana Bhattar, great grandson of Vyasa
Bhattar (son of swAmi kooratthAlvan).

It is widely believed that swAmi deSikan even hid
amidst corpses in order to protect the SrutaprakASikA
and the twin sons of SudharSaNa Bhattar.  Presumably,
he would have fled SriRangam at the earliest possible
opportunity following all this.

It is not demeaning to use the word "flee".  Prophet
mohammed - founder of the same religion that those
invaders were associated with, fled from Mecca to
Medina to elude the armies of rival Arab tribes.
Nevertheless there are many who still dispute the
use of "flight" to describe such historical events.

The bottomline is, that the moslem rout of Srirangam
in 1327 CE tragically altered SriVaishnava history
from that point on - directly causing the loss of
SudarSaNa bhattar and others, and indirectly bringing
piLLai lokAchAryar's life to a sudden end.  It would
be three long decades until one general of the Vijaya
nagar suzerains liberated Srirangam from the vandals,
enabling swAmi deSikan's return to the temple town,
his re-opening of the kovil and his re-instatement of
valuable traditions such as the thiruvadhyayana utsavam.

adiyEn hopes to see by perumAL's grace, the end of all
religious wars and their accompanying violence during
my own lifetime.  May the recent acts of terror in NY
be the last ones occurring in the history of humankind.

thooppul thiruvEnkatam udayAn thiruvadigaLE SaraNam

SrIrangapriya daasan,
-Srinath C.

> I agree. I too think it was primarily for protecting Sri
> Sudharsana Suri's
> Sruthaprakasigai and to save the children of Sri Sudharsana Suri.
> Sri Pillai
> lOkAcharyar took the Lord Ranganathan (NamperumAL)vigraham to
> safety. They
> worked hand in hand during this crucial time. We need to condier these
> Acharyas as role models and attempt to follow and emulate.
> Thansk again.
> Regards
> Narayana Narayana
> NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan
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> Just a small clarification. Adiyen thought that Swamy Deskian did not run
> away from Srirangam fearing the attack. But more so to save
> "sruthapakasikai". Please do correct adiyen if this is not so.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Jayshree Narasimhan

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