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Re: Contd: Clarification on Ugra Narasimhar

From: Guna Venkat (
Date: Fri Sep 21 2001 - 14:02:57 PDT

Adiyen Gunaseelan wish to reply reg the query why God takes Simha Avathar
instead of Elephant etc..
As I heard from the one of the Upanyasam of Sri  Velukudi Krishnan Swami,
who is second to none in his classical way of explaining Vaishnava
Philosophy an their meanings in a way even adiyen can understand.

When Hiranyan asked his Child Praklathan, where is He and, we know that
Prakalathan replied that He is every where and then Hiranyan asked whether
He is in the pillar standing next to him, the answer is obvious Yes from
Praklathan. Now only the important pledge from Hiranyan comes, he told
Praklathan that if He is not here I will kill you and eat you like a Lion
killing an elephant ..
Till this time God has not prepared His mind about His shape etc , once
Hiranyan uttered these words He has decided to take the Simha Avathar and to
do the same thing what Hiranyan has vowed to Praklathan. By this we can
infer how much He takes a Bhagavada Apacharam and lot more inner meanings .

Also there is referral of Peria Thirumozhi "Thiruvallikeni" Paasuram in this
context.  Since Hiranyan has ignored to consider Praklathan as  his child
( by doing so much apacharams) Alwar (Thirumangai) started calling
Praklathan as His Child "than siruvan".. Also in the same Paasuram Alwar
says "vaayil Or Ayara Namam" , we heard that Praklathan has told only
"Narayana" namam and not the Sahasranamam then why the word "Ayara Namam",
the explanation goes like these.. Think Praklathan heritage, is form a
Asurar kulam, if a child from such kulam says one namam, its equivalent to
Ayara Namam,  then start thinking about ourselves , if we say one namam its
equivalent to 10 power n times of narayana namam, if we recite Ramanuja
namams its effect is "n" times more 10 power "n" times n. So we will start
recitation of Ramanuja Nooranthathi atleast from today..

If there are any errors its purely due to the misunderstanding of adiyen
upon hearing of Sri Krishnan swamy's Upanyasam and if there is any thing
Good the credit will obviously goes to him.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

Gunaseelan Venkatachary
(Off )408 588 6672
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Subject: Contd: Clarification on Ugra Narasimhar

> Sri ramanujaya Namah:
> Sri Nigamahantha desikaya namah:
> Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Paramatmane parabrahmane namah:
> My respectfull obeisences to all
> I have the following questions before me, can anyone
> pls clarify me me these doubts
> Why did the lord selected Nara Simha and not any other
> form?
> ( it was supposed to be neither human nor animal,
> could have been any animal , why only simham)
> We say that only rama and krishna  are poorna
> avatars.? why not narasimhar
> in all the avatars, no where lakshmi is involved
> only in narasimha lakshmi is directly involved? why?
> "Tat hiranya kasibu abavath.." there is a mantra in
> Brahmanam
> how come this mantram is in brahmanam when the avatar
> is later
> I plead the members of this group to pls clarify me,
> these points
> Sri: adiyen
> Sridhar.S
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