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The "real" fear...

From: Sheela Belur (
Date: Fri Sep 21 2001 - 04:43:55 PDT

srimatE rAmAnujaya nama:

There have been a lot of postings on the recent terrorist fear and
"praying to EmberumAn" to save us etc... Does not Perumal know what
is good for us and the mankind at large...? Does He have to be
reminded to do His duty? I can understand such thoughts of praying
for a material cause if it comes of from a group of people who are
NOT into "Shrivaishnavism"... I am, to a certain extent, sort of
surprised at these coming from a Shrivaishnava group such as this...
Alwars and PurvAcharyAs have time and again said the "real fear"
should be of the "samsAra" and the only way to get rid of that fear
is to "surrender" to Him (thru ofcourse the grace of an Acharya) in
order to release onself from this  "samsAra sAgaram ghOram ..anantha
klEsha bhAjanam"...I have heard in kAlakshepams that learned elders
request Perumal saying "please do not make me an object for your
'leelai' (meaning in Leela vibhoothi) but an object for your
'kainkaryam' (meaning in Nithya vibhoothi)". Time and again we listen
to kAlakshepams where they say that as long as we live in this
samsAra, every chEtana HAS to undergo fear one kind or the other
(janma , mrthyu, jara ,vyadhi bhayam...) and there is no escape..the
only escape is when , by His grace and Acharya sambhandham, we come
out of this cycle of births.. This being the case,  praying to
Perumal to relieve us of fear in this world is something that does
not seem to be a  real "Shrivaishnava" thought or action...

Please pardon me if I have said anything wrong...

rAmAnuja dAsi

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