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Re: calrification on ugra narasimhar

From: Ramanan Rajagopalan (
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 10:43:15 PDT

Dear Sri.Sridhar:


Your question is very valid, in the context that Lord Narayana 
played the role in both the Avatars. I can answer your question 
from the limited knowledge I have. It is the Avatara Rahasyam 
that plays role in the activities you have mentioned. While 
incarnating as Lord Narasimha, He was with in his limits of 
incarnation, and that might have been the reason why the 
activity that you have mentioned would not have been advocated 
by the Lord in Narasimha avatar. In this context, we also 
should not forget that He never falls short in his qualities 
whichever Avatar He takes. Avatar as Lord Rama was in Human 
form in which an ordinary Human Being could comprehend with 
acvities after killing, like last rights. 

The above explanation is bound to my very limited knowledge.


Sri Ramanuja Dasan,

 iruppidam vaikundham vEnkatam * mAlirunchOlaiyennum
poruppidam mAyanuk enbar nallOr * avai thannodum van
thiruppidam mAyan irAmAnusan manathinRavan van
thiruppidam * enRan idhayaththuLLE thanakkinpuRavE.

---- On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, 
( wrote:

> sri ramanujaya namah:
> sri nigamahantha desikaya namah:
> Sri Lakshi Narasimha Paramatmane aparabrahmane namah:
> My respectfull obeisences to all the devotees
> I have a small doubt, can the learned and elderly scholars 
help me in 
> understanding this,
> As per our hindu traditions , it is known that we should 
> death and laso in ramayana , lord rama had asked vibheesana 
to do the 
> last rites of ravana,
> But why did lord in his narasimha avathara , act so 
> he killed hiranyakashipu and then had his intestine worn as a 
> garland.. 
> why did he do this..? 
> can any one pls explain......
> Sri: adiyen
> sridhar
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