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Swamy Desikan's 733rd Thirunakshathram celebration at Thiruvahindhrapuram and the AbharaNa SamarpaNams by Swamy Swamy Desikan's Pavithra Hastham to Lord DevanAthan and Sri HemAbhjavalli ThAyAr on Sep 28,2001 : Part III

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Sep 19 2001 - 12:12:27 PDT


Dear BhakthAs :

In this posting , adiyEn will have a playful exercise in
permutation and combination of the numbers 733/734 , which
represents the 733rd Birthday of Swamy Desikan that will
conclude on Sep 28 and paving the way for the 734th birthday.

Our great AchAryA was born at ThUppul on the PurattAsi
SravaNam day in 1268 CE. Therefore , he would have 
completed His 733rd birthday on Sep 28 , 2001 and 
will be entering His 734th Birthday on this day . His
Sacred Thriunakshathram is shared by Lord ThiruvEnkadamudayAn
and the First Brahma Tantra ParakAla Matam AchAryan .
Swamy Desikan's birthday   will be celebrated at 
ThiruvahIndhrapuram ,Kanchipuram  , Sri RanganAthA temple 
at Pomona , NY ,SrinivAsa Temple at Buffalo, NY and at 
Bahrain  by the BhathAs from that country and Kuwait.

In the spirit of a playful exercise adopted by VaikuntavAsi
Sri MattappaLLI (MukkUr ) Lakshmi NarasimhAcchAr Swamy,
adiyen will add , substrat and multiply the different
combinations of the number 733 and 734 and relate them to 
Sri VaishNava Rahasyams that they lead to:

The various Combination possibilities
(1) From 733: PraNavam: 7 minus (3+3) = 1

(2) From 733: Dhvayam : 7 + 3 squared(9) + 
    3 squared(9) = 25 Aksharams of Dhvayam

(3) From 734: 7X3+4 = 25 , the 25 Aksharams of 

(4) From 734: 7X4 minus 3 =25 (Dhvayam)

(5) From 734 : 7+ (4-3) = 8 , the 8 Lettered 

(6) From 734: 7+ 4 Squared (16)+ 3 Squared (9)= 32,
    the Charama SlOkam with 32 Aksharams.    

The significance of these Rahasyams with different Aksharams

A. Example 1: PraNavam
   This is yEka Padham consisting of three Aksharams : A+U+M
   "A" stands for AkAra Vaachyan: VishNu
   "U" stands for nirupAdhika Seshathvam or 
    our natural status as His servant 
   "M" stands for the Jeevan , which is the abode 
    of that Seshathvam .

B. Example 5: AshtAksharam/Moola Manthram
This is the Parama UjjIvana Manthram which
reveals to us the Sriman NaarAyaNa Tatthvam, 
Saadhanam and Phalan . Chapter 27 of Swamy Desikan's
Srimad Rahasya Thraya Saaram (RTS)elaborates on 
the many meanings of this Rahasya manthram .
The ChillaRai Rahasyam of Swamy Desikan 
named Saara Saaram also elaborates on 
this sacred AshtAkshara Manthram.

C. Examples 2,3 & 4: Dhvayam with 25 Aksharams
The 28th chapter of RTS of Swamy Desikan pays
splendid tribute to the significance and power
of this second rahasya manthram.This Manthra Rathnam 
instructs us on the way to perform Prapatthi 
at the sacred feet of Sriman NaarAyanan.

Example 6: Charama SlOkam with 32 Aksharams
This third Rahasya manthram stands for the KaaruNyam
and assurance of the Lord bearing the burden of PrapannAs , 
who are powerless to practise the most demanding Bhakthi Yogam
and the status of the Lord Himself standing in the sthAnam of 
those UpAyams.

Conclusion and a Prayer
Due reflections on the significance of the numbers 733
and 734 seems to point to the Tatthva Thrayams and 
the Three Rahasyams , which Swamy Desikan elaborated 
in His many Sri Sookthis throughout His blessed life
for our benefit.

The Prayer is to our Swamy Desikan to help us all
attain Kaimakrya Poorthi regarding the SamarpaNam
of Nava MaNi Maalai , MummaNikkOvai on Sep 28 ,2001
and RathnAngi during the year 2002 CE. 

Swamy Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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