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From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 10:21:26 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

Number of you have been kind enough to send me mail
expressing your best wishes for my safety during these
very difficult moments at NY City, where part of my
work responsibilites take me to a building close
to the World trade Center . My sincere Thanks  to
you all . I returned safely from my overseas trip last
night . The tragedy at the world trade center was very 
visible from the air . It is a heart wrenching scene.

This thought occured to me again and again about the victims
of this unimaginable crime against humanity :

In the precious blessing of life here in the Lord's LeelA
VibhUthi , the only thing one can immerse oneself would
be service to fellow human beings, the Dhivya Dampathis 
and Their AchAryAs. Every thing else pales into insignificance.

The genuine fears created by acts of horror by the enemies of 
civilization as we know it certainly shakes the foundation of
one's faith . Still we have to go on and rededicate ourselves 
to the service to fellow human beings and the Supreme Lord 
and the AchAryAs , who opened our spirtual eyes . Any amount of 
search to find conclusive answers to these disastrous events 
will not prove effective .  Let us therefore offer our prayers to 
the undeserving victims of this disastrous tragedy of many 
dimensions that has opened up on many fronts . Let us in 
the spirit of VedAs pray for return of peace and tranquilty 
at every level to carry on our alloted work here and serve our
communities prior to reap the benefits of nithya kaimkaryam 
in the other world , when our time comes after prapatthi .

Here are some directions and prayers blessed to us by 
the ancient Rg Vedam at its very end ( Xth Canto):

bhadram nO api vaathaya manO daksham uta KRATHUM
adhA tE sakhyE andhasO vi vO madhE raNangAvO-- 
na yavasE vivakshasE 
Rg vedam : X.25.1

(Meaning ): O blissful Lord ! bless us with a pure mind and
bless us with energy and wisdom (to engage in Your service);
let human beings delight (bask)in (the  warmth )Your limitless 
love just as cattle revel in fresh pasture; Thou art verily great.

In this series of Veda Manthrams with the refrain , " Oh Lord!
Thou art Verily great !", additional invocations for 
granting protection from woe and hatred are made.Here are some 
excerpts without the quotation of the original Veda mantrams:

" Oh Lord , we propitiate You and try to move Your heart.
We worship You in all of Your (Five ) Forms..."  Rg X.25.2

" Oh Blissful Lord ! I obey all Your laws in fullness .
May You make us happy through Your carouse (embrace)
as father does for his child ; protect us from woe 
and hatred !
Rg X.25.3

" Oh Blissful Lord ! Our eulogies converge towards You 
as herds of cattle towards a pond of nourishing water.
May You make us capable of performing noble deeds at
Your glad embrace . Thou art verily great !"
Rg X.25.4

" Oh Blissful Lord ! You are unassialable; May You be our 
Protector from all sides! O Soverign Lord ! drive away 
adversaries at Your glad carouse  and let not the wicked 
rule over us; You are truly great !".
Rg X.25.7

"Oh Blissful Lord ! Oh Destroyer of the wicked !
You are our gracious friend ; May You protect us , 
when hostile warriors challenge us in battles ; at your
glad carouse .... You are truly grat !"
Rg X.25.9

With full and unfaltering faith (MahA VivAsam ) in
our Supreme Lord , let us put our trust in Him
and recognize Him as our true friend :

prayardhir yajnAnAam asvahayO raTAnAm
rishi: Sa yO manurhithO viprasya yAvayathsakha:
Rg. X26.5

(Meaning): " He is the joint sharer of all our noble deeds 
and faithful guide to our CHARIOT OF BODY.He is The Seer,
the Benefactor of men and as a scatterer of adversaries.
He is our Friend ". 

Our Lord's answer and assurance to us in these troubling
times is contained in this magnificient manthram of 
the ancient Rg.Vedam :

asathsu mE jaritha: sAbhivEgO yathsunvathE YajamAnAya siksham
anaasirdam aham asmi prahanthA sathyadhvrutham vrijinAyanthAm aabhum

(Meaning): " Oh Devotee of Mine ! This is My Firm determination
that I help the performer of noble deeds by fulfilling aspirations,
but I punish the unrighteous  who oppose Truth , the wicked 
and the malignant ".

Let us pray to our benovolent and far-seeing Lord to
give us the strength to bear the unbearable and wait for
His unfailing laws to unfold and comfort us.

NaarAyaNa , NaarAyaNa , NaarAyaNa 

Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan  



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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