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From: damodara svarup (
Date: Sat Sep 15 2001 - 22:21:54 PDT

Dear devotees,

I have some doubts which arise from the Sadanada's
In so many words we have heard the explanation on
Can we sumarize it like this:

-Brahman is the Ultimate Reality

-It is undividable, nonvarigated and non transformable

-Perception of this world, as well as one who
perceives and that which is perceived is only due to

-Individuality of the jiva, as well as of  Iswara is
also only perceived due to the covering  of illusion

-Only One thing exist, and nothing beyond it or
simultaneously with it - and that is Brahman

-So there are no two things (a - dvaita)

I have some questions and doubts which arrise naturaly
from my intelect (which is trying to protect my inborn

If Brahman is One without a second, what is the
shelter and origin of illusion?

How illusion which is nonintelligeble concept in
eternity can have any influence on Brahman which is
the ultimate Reality?

Even if illusion has any influence on Brahman, still
in order to appear as this universe, Brahman needs
either to divide, becomes variagated or transform
which is not possible?

Is there any scriptural proof which says that
individuality of consciousness, either of the jiva
(infinitesimal) or Iswara (unlimited) is just due to
covering of illusion and not its eternal intrinsic

Also I am not able to understand the example given by
Sadananda about the gold and ornamets, which implies
substance and form to be reality and illusion.
Both substance and form are real concepts and I do not
understand this comparison were form is identified
with illusion.

I can agree that advaita as a concept might be true,
but in my heart i cannot accept this to be
attributless onenness - but rather organic unity.

Can somebody please help with proper explanation and
illumination on this points.

Also please correct my notions if i am wrong.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Srinivas Fine Arts Ltd.

PS. Also in relation to Ramakrishna's question.

Resently I have read that Sri Madhva sais that there
are four types of liberation.

salokya, samipya, sarupya and sayujya

Can somebody please explain what this four mean, and
what is Sri Vaisnava concept of jiva's position,
achievemets and condition after liberation?

Also I have read once that soul reaches sadharmya with
the Lord. What this means?

PPS. I would also humble request if the answers can be
on "normal" level, since I do not have formal training
in Sankrit or philosophy.

Thank you very much.

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