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His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinnajeeyar Swami's message - Sept 11 USA Disaster.

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Date: Fri Sep 14 2001 - 12:07:02 PDT

sri:                                                       Jai Srimannarayana!!
Message from His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja
Chinnajeeyar Swami.
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A great tragedy of immense proportions has struck the USA. We are very
concerned about the welfare and safety of all of you. This note is to
enquire about your well-being, and we pray that you are all safe. Our
Blessings are being sent at this time and they are with all of you as
always. Please let us know that you are all safe.

This shocking and terrifying events, of September 11th, 2001, have left us
completely numb and speechless. When we think about the toll it must have
taken on human lives both physically and emotionally, we feel completely
overwhelmed and traumatized for our fellow human beings, who have been
subjected to this horror. The global community is grieving for this act of
terrorism and heinous crime. It is not a crime committed on Americans but
against entire humanity.

My message to all of you is to be strong and provide support in any form or
manner possible in the following ways:
1. With Prayer
Let us begin by saying a Prayer for the: a) departed souls b) the burnt and
injured victims c) for the loved ones who are suffering and trying to cope
with the loss and pain d) for the rescue workers who are helping tirelessly.
With Prayer and chanting one does not just seek cognitive, conceptualized
knowledge, but the splendor and brilliance of transformative wisdom, which
is immensely powerful and lends strength to us during turbulent times in our

2. Remain United and Steadfast
Remember that any act of terrorism is meant to disrupt lives, emotions and
break the victim's resolves and beliefs. Do not succumb to this. All the
Americans have been targeted by this heinous crime but do not let it break
your faith in God and your fellow human beings. These acts of violence are
meant to fragment our lives but we cannot give the people responsible for
this treachery, the pleasure by letting it fragment and divide us. We have
to remain more united and stronger than we ever were. We draw an
immeasurable amount of strength by remaining united and thus no amount of
evilness can wreck us. Trust is the glue that holds society together. Man
has built in himself images as a fence of security  religious, political,
personal etc. These manifest as symbols, ideas, beliefs. The burden of
these images dominates man's thinking, his relationships and his daily life.
These images are the cause of our problems, for they divide man from man.

Our message to all of you is to remain strongly united.

3. Charitable contributions
Please contribute in any form or manner by offering your services, special
resources or talents or by simply writing a check for aiding the victims.
Please remember that there are countless people who have been affected by
this tragedy. By merely lending a sympathetic ear to a person who is
mourning a loss is helping, and any simple action of yours may mean a lot.
You can lend yourself to a cause that is already underway instead of trying
to start or initiate one yourself. Remember that it is a fellow human being
who is in pain and it is our dharma to lend a hand when they need us. When
you have the pure intention to do so unconditionally and with an open heart
the resources will make themselves available with the Grace of Divinity.

We have heard of several instances where the Mothers are still hopeful and
anxious to hear from their children who were working in these buildings. The
people who are still trapped among the debris, and waiting for someone to
come and rescue them. There is something that we can all do and that is join
our hands and pray for our fellow human beings. We must pray that any more
similar attempts will be thwarted and that such atrocious crimes against
humanity will not occur anywhere in the world. Justice will be served for we
know what our scriptures state but it is not for us to condemn and pass
judgment. This tragedy is the result of such hatred and we must be very
strong in our resolve not to hate and condemn others. There is an
interesting verse which states:
"Irrigators guide the water."
"Fletchers shape the arrow shaft"
"Carpenters shape the wood and"
"The wise control themselves."

Remember that adversity and prosperity never cease to exist. The adornment
of great men's minds is to remain unswervingly just under both. Finally
remember that what is behind us and ahead of us is insignificant compared to
what lies within us.

May the Blessings of Lord Srimannarayana always be with each one of you
always so that He may guide, protect and shield you every step of the way.

=Chinna Jeeyar=

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