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Re: Re: Could Somebody Clarify This?

From: K. Sadananda (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 03:03:04 PDT

Bhakti list members - I do not wish to continue the discussion on 
adviata on this list since the list charter is very specific.  I will 
do so only if the orginizers of this list give me a green signal.

I would however respond individually to questions related to adviata 
to the best I can.  I would also direct those who are interested to 
know more about advaita - to another list that caters to these 
discussions -  - As one of the moderators 
of this advaitin list, I welcome everyone to the list - since the 
emphasis there  is on inquiry, we welcome all philosophical 
discussions if it is done with an attitude of inquiry, although the 
list is focused on advaita.

As a general statement, it is important, however, to know how other 
acharya-s have explained the scriptures.  That helps to understand 
one own philosophy much better - But that is my opinion - and the 
opinion of Shreeman S.M.S Chari as well.

Hari OM!

>Dear Sri. Sadananda
>  "K. Sadananda" <> wrote:
>>   Shree Narayananji - Pranaams - As I understand, merging with the
>>  Lord is not the concept of advaita either.  Even in adviata Lord or
>>  iiswara is sarvaj~naa and jiiva is alpaj~naa and there is no question
>>  of merging of the two.
>>  adviata means non-duality while merging implies two to start with.
>I may be missing something here - but if Iishwara is sarvajnana and Jeeva is
>alpajnaana, there exists at least one factor that distinguishes these two - a
>clear indication of duality. How then is it that advaita claims non-duality?
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