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Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 07:21:19 PDT


I was reflecting upon yesterdays events as I woke up this morning.  
If you think about it, we all got a chance to talk to our families 
this morning and trying to decide what we were having to eat fo 
breakfat.  The fact that we get to think about having breakfast is 
such a luxury in the present time.  However, there are so many people 
yesterday who either did not go to sleep for fear of something 
happening and there were some who did not realize what was around 
them for they may have been under the influence of a sedative or a 
pain killer.  

There were yet so many people praying that somebody rescue them soon 
from the 110 degree fahrenheit rubble, and yet many more who never 
got a chance to call their loved ones.

We all have the beautiful gift of life and let's make of this gift as 
much use as we can.  Let us pray for those people still stuck under 
the piles of concrete and steel, that they be rescued soon.  Let us 
pray that those who are hurt, physically and morally come to their 
usual self soon, however difficult it may be.

And let us pray that those who died in the rubble, may their souls 
rest in peace, and may their families be provided for and return to a 
normalcy in life as soon as possible.

And let us pray even more for the families of those firefighters and 
rescue personnel who died yesterday, those who were true martyrs.

And for all those medical and rescue personnel still at work in NYC 
and elsewhere, may they be blessed for many generations to come for 
the kindness they show through their hardwork.

We all came to the US in search of life, liberty and the pursuit of 
happiness and prosperity and certainly have been granted more than 
our share of it.  

Let's give some part of this prosperity through our prayers for the 
affected.  Every additional minute you spend in prayer counts at this 
moment of despair.

I pray today that may any small puNyam that I may gain through any 
charity - small or big I commit over the next month count towards 
keeping those under the rubble that extra chance so they may be 
rescued alive.

I hope each of you can join me in making similar commitments and 
perform some form of charity - small or big so it may directly or 
indirectly count towards the survival and betterment of the 
individuals and the families of the affected people.

Om Namo Narayana,

Raja Krishnasamy

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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