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parakaala maTha abhimaanis

From: Srinath Chakravarty (
Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 10:27:38 PDT

Dear bhaktas:

On the eve of the upcoming brahmotsavam for thiru
vEnkatam udayan in the yEzhumalai divyadesam of
thirupathi, adiyEn wishes to bring to everyone's
attention the centuries-old traditions of srInivAsa
kalyANam and divya mangaLASAsanam to perumaaL and
thAyar at this sacred shrine, many of which remain
even today, and which trace their origins to Sree
brahmatantra swatantra jeeyar (1st peeThAdipathi of
parakaala maTham and direct shishya of swAmi deSikan),
and kumAra varadAcharyar (son of swAmi deSikan).

adiyEn would like to point out that parakaala maTham,
dating back to 1338 CE according to its own traditions,
emerging against the backdrop of violence and massacre
in SrIrangam (which led to swAmi deSikan's escape to
satyamangaLam), was once again forced by the threat
of moslem invasion - to move from its original home
in thooppul to the remote hills of thirupathi.  Here,
the successors of brahmatantra swatantra jeeyar became
spiritual guardians of the temple which remained under
their care for several centuries - until (21st) periya
parakaala swAmi's aadipathyam (1676-1737 CE) when the
maTham moved to SriRangapatnam near Mysore.

On the upcoming purattAsi thiruvONam, a doubly sacred
day in SrIvaishnavam - when brahmOtsavam to vEnkata
achalapathi as well as thirunakshatrams of SriVishNu
ghaNtAvatAra, kavitArkikasimha, sarvatantra svatantra
AchArya sArvabhouman swAmi vedAnta deSikan and Sree
brahmatantra swatantra jeeyar will be celebrated with
great splendor at thirupathi, prakrtham parakAlaswAmi
Srimad abhinava vAgeesha parakAla deSikan and asmad
AchAryan SriRangapriya mahAdeSikan will perform kovil
mariyAdai and also inaugurate the new building of the
thirupathi Sri parakAla maTham.  ParakAlaswAmi will be
accompanied by the svarNa laXmihayagrIva archai, given
to swAmi bhAshyakArar by saraswathi devi herself!!

Verily it is an utsavam whence thiruvEnkatam udayAn,
alongwith bhagavAn SrIlaXmihayagrIva will grace the
festivities and will themselves rejoice, on the day
which marks the thirunakshatrams of the greatest ever
AchAryan in rAmAnuja sampradAyam - SriVishNu ghaNta
avatAra swAmi deSikan AND his brightest and best
disciple - Sri brahmatantra swatantrar.  This is an
exceptional opportunity for bhaktas who are able to
travel to thirupathi at this time, to witness the
inauguration of the thirupathi parakala maTham which
coincides wonderfully with the perumAL's brahmOtsavam
and the thirunakshatrams of SrIvaishnava mahAcharyas.

For those who haven't already, parakAlamaTha shishyas
and abhimAnis are requested to kindly take a moment
to register with the parakAlamaTham online group at:

It will be the good fortune of all readers of such
online lists, if any of the devotees attending these
utsavams in thirupathi can post eyewitness accounts,
or perhaps even pictures (from permitted locations)
describing these unique celebrations.  ParakAlamswAmi
as well as other great SriVaishnava maThAdipathigaL
will be performing mariyaadhais to our beloved yEzhu
malai maayavan - all in keeping with their respective
connections to this divya deSam.  ParakAlamaTham's
600+ years old tradition as guardian of vEnkatAchalam
kovil will now take on a new form, symbolized by the
inauguration of its rebuilt maTham complex at this
ancient site.....

vinA venkateSam na nAtho na nAthaH
sadA venkateSam smarAmiH smarAmi

(There is no lord other than venkateSa,
 ever-present as the indweller of my mind)

thooppul thiruvEnkatam udayAn thiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Sri brahmatantra swatantra guru paramparAyai namaH
Srimad abhinava vAgeesha parakAla mahAdeSikAya namaH

-Srinath C.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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