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Shree Sukta, Purusha Sukta, Nakshtra Sukta and discipled life designed required
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 23:39:22 PDT

*Shri RamaJayam*
*Shri LakshmiNarasimhay ParBrahmane Namaha*
*Shrimate Ramnaujaya Namaha*
*Shri MahaDesikacharya Namaha*
*Shri Bhaktaya Namaha*

Humble Namaskaram to all the Bhakta Jan,

Adeyan would is here in Baroda and in search of Following:
(1) Shree Suktam;
(2) Purusha Suktam;
(3) Narayana Suktam;
(4) Nakshatra Suktam;

Though Adeyan took an oppurtunity to get to sanskrit.gde site 
containing all the sanskrit documents, could not get the sanskrit 
document of this. 

Shree Stuti etc is available. but Adeyan requires this, if needed to 
buy may be it is costly, if available on some body's computer or 
site, please give the proper guidance & direction so that this Adeyan 
is enligthened by learned and knowledgeable ones. Adeyan would 
appreciate response in this regard from intellectuals who have great 
deepth and asset of knowledge base, but tis is a sincere request to 
all of such individuals to help.

Guidance in regards to daily chantings of mantras, sukta, (in 
sanskrit) for mental elevation with english meanings would be a 
blessing in disguise from knowledgeable and learned vidwans like Shri 
Sadagopan, Shri Ramanbil. Adeyan hails from Poundarikpuram village in 
Tanjore district of Tamilnadu and following Shri Vaishavism 
principles ( what little is know by joining this group and being 
among the vidwans here). Adeyan has been fortunate to get the 
blessings of Highly Honourable Jeeyar at Ahobila Muttam and 
Samashyram and Baranyasam was fruits of his blessings. "Shriman 
Narayana" Adeyan feels to lot has to be know, understood, and 
practised and passed onto the generation next as well required 
Bhaktas who come in search of knowledge. Adeyan wants you blessed 
blessed ones guidance in helping designing a life devouted to Shriman 
Narayana in best possible way with inputs of Suktas also. Adeyan does 
practice Pratah SandhyaVandanam, Aditya Hridayam, Lakshmi Stotram, 
Sudarshan Astakam almost daily morning. Evening to Adeyan wants help 
from all great learned souls on practicing spiritual life.
Adeyan fortunate to have great learned, Highly Honourable 
Desikacharya's Stotra compilation and biography book.


Shriman Narayana, Shriman Narayana
Adeyan Anand Dasan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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