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from Lakshminarayanan/Sripathy

From: lakshminarayanan ramasubramanian (
Date: Sat Sep 01 2001 - 04:51:33 PDT


srimathe ramanujaya namaha


This is with regard to a proposal on renovation of temple tank  which is owned by Sri Srinivasa perumal,Navalpakkam.

This tank named "Ramanuja Siras" is being used for the daily thiruvaradhanam of Sri Srinivasa perumal.History says that Thirumalai nambigal did the THEERTHA KAIMKARYAM for Srinivasa perumal at Thirupathi.
Here, the kaimkaryam for the presiding deity Sri Srinivasa perumal is  being done by the Thirumalai nambigal's lineage .

Perumal presides over this tank during chiththirai brahmotsavam and Thai maatham Paarvettai utsavam ,the beauty of which cannot be expressed merely by words.
Also the tank water quenches the thirst of the people residing at Navalpakkam village.

The tank has steps only on two sides of it.Also the depth of the tank is decreased   and hence the capacity to save water has also come down.

Thus it  has lead to a situation where people suffer from water scarcity for 4 months in a year.For Instance,this year tank did not have water for 
Chittirai Utsavam.

Hence , a proposal has been made to meet the objective of 

1.Constucting the steps on other 2 sides of the tank
2.Removing the corrosion etc.
3.To dig 100 feet in the middle of the tank and to support by  stone steps
to provide uininteruppted water facility.
4.To contruct a mandapam for Perumal to preside over the tank during the festivals,Theerthavaari
and Paarvettai Utsavam

The cost is estimated around Rs.5 lacs for these kaimkaryams.

Instead of a single person taking over the whole project,many can extend their support to provide the water facility ,so that everybody would get benefitted as said in Itihasaas .

Itihasaas lists out the benefits of providing water facility (Palangal) with regards to the services done on specific months as follows.

Aavani Purattasi----- Punyam of performing Agni Hotram
Aippasi Karthikai-----Punyam of donating 1000 cows.
Thai,Maargazhi--------Punyam of sacrificing gold in Yagyna,Homam
Maasi Panguni---------Punyam of performing Agnishtoma yaagam
Chittirai,Vaikaasi----Punyam of performing Athiraadhram yaagam
Aani Aadi  -----------Punyam of performing Ashvamedha yaagam

Hence we request you to consider the above proposal and extend your possible support through financing to the extent possible and attain the grace and paripoorna krpai of Sri Srinivaasa perumal .

Donation by MO/Cheque /DD may be made in the name of "THIRUKKULA THIRUPPANI COMMITTEE" and sent to Secretary or Treasurer.

S/o Shri Ragavachariar
No.4,Kesava Perumal Sannidhi street
Phone No: 4610285

13,Ganapathi Street
Ph no:8444271

thanking you

adiyen ramanuja daasan



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