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pollAdha kutti KaNNan's sweet chEshtithangaL

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 16:51:54 PDT

SrImathE Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya namah:

Dearest srivaihsnavas,

The following incidents have been reported to be about Kutti KaNNan’s 
chEshtithangaL. On the birthday of Kutti KaNNan’s, this is adiyEn’s humble 
birthday offering to the little darling Lord of ours.

1. One old Gopika sthree came to YashOdhA. “YashOdhE! It is not enough, if 
you have just given birth. You should know how to bring up a well-mannered 
child. Do you know what did your boy do? He came into my home and asked for 
milk rice (paaRchOru). He ate that and then asked for butter. After eating 
food, I will not give butter- I said categorically. He angrily went to the 
backyard of our house and tied all calves to their respective mother cows’ 
legs. The calves drank all milk and could not even walk with their stomachs 
so much full. I happened to go there and see Him also standing smiling 
sheepishly. “yENdaa ippadi seydhhay? (why did you do like that?)”- When I 
asked Him, He said immediately, “maami! (aunty!) Your calves are all very 
lean. They should drink more milk and then only they will become chubby like 
me. My mother gives me milk saying that then only I would become fat and 
chubby. That is why I released them, maami. Then they will become fat and 
chubby. Hence forth, you also do that maami- He advised in addition to doing 
that mischief.

2. Another GopasthrI said, “ammA YashOdhE! I gave butter (veNNai) to your 
Boy KaNNan, and do you know what He did. He went to the back yard and 
distributed to dogs, cats, and monkeys. I got terribly angry. I caught hold 
of Him and asked Him “why did you do like that?”. He said “maami.. Your 
butter stinks and has become spoiled. How can I eat that? At least let these 
poor animals eat. See, they too are not drinking. It is so unbearable. At 
least here after give some good butter to them. He immediately fled from my 

3. Girls of KaNNan’s age knocked the door of yaSodhA, “maami.. mammi.. We 
had adorned our entrances with 16 point kOlam, coloured kOlam with flower in 
the middle etc.. Your KaNNan comes and says, “This lotus kOlam is not good; 
this 16 point kOlam is ugly; this middle flower does not look nice”- saying 
this, he spoils all kOlams that we had drawn. “. Please call him inside so 
that we can continue with our kOlam preparation at our homes

4. maamI.. your kaNNan (when my mother was combing my hair) places the 
PoosaNi (pumpkin) flower (which was kept in the middle of kOlam above the 
cow dung) on my head, without my knowledge. romba paduttharaan maami..

I am reminded of Swamy desikan's Gopala Vimsathy, slokam 5. "hartthum

KaNNan slowly enters into the kitchen. He looks there; and here; no one is 
around. This is the right time. YasOdhA, after getting vexed with the 
mischievous butter-stealing acts, keeps the butter in a different container 
and at a different place to mislead our Kutti KaNNan. But our Lord- the 
sarvEshwaran- Does He not know where the “veNNai” is? Will He get misled? 

He tip-toes towards the big pot (which is tall as He)- He opens the lid. And 
with great effort, puts the whole hand in upto the shoulder and takes a 
handful of butter; puts the whole lot into His mouth. Not enough. He dips in 
again! Oh My God! YasOdhA has come in! She has seen everything. He is caught 
stealing the butter- with His mouth full of butter, - with His hand fully 
dipped into the pot. What will He do now? SarvEshwaran- Our Lord Kutti 
KaNNan is “scared” of the visible angry mother approaching Him. Will she hit 
Him? Will she scold Him? What puishment will she give Him? He is perplexed.

Should He run away? He has taken off one foot and is ready to run. At the 
same time, He is not able to run away because He is cornered and fully 
caught red handed. He is neither standing nor is He running! The little Lord 
of ours has decided to close His eyes, unable to see what is going to 
happen, thinking that He can avoid the punishment by closing His eyes! The 
Universal Lord,- who protects the whole Universe and even beyond, simply and 
effortlessly in His Yoga nitthirai on AdhisEshan, with complete awareness 
and knowledge of all and every thing that happens everywhere- is having His 
eyes now closed to avoid seeing His mother coming towards Him!

Swamy Sri Vedanta Desikan’s enjoyment is beyond description in words.
Sarvam SrI KrishNArpaNamasthu
GIthAchAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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