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vyAkhyAna chakravartthi- Sri PeriyavAcchAn PiLLai Thirunakshathram- AvaNi rOhiNi

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 19:59:54 PDT

SrImathE Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya namah:
Dearest Srivaishnavas,

AvaNi RohiNi- same as Kutti KrishNan's birthday - is the Thirunakshathram of 
the vyAkhyAna chakravartthi Sri PeriyavAcchAn PiLLai. He is reported to be 
avtaar of KrishNa Himself who appeared to enjoy the Divya Prabhandhams of 
AzhwArs and give us the deep inner meanings of AzhwArs' works.

Sri PeriyavAcchAn PiLLai was born in 1228 CE (40 years older than Swamy 
Desikan). He has written the following works in addition to the
commentary on 4000:

1.Commentary on Stotraratnam and ChathuslOki. .
2.Commentary on Jitante Stotra.
3.Commentary on Gadyatrayam.
4.Tanislokam. This is a commentary on few stanzas from Ramayana and 
5. Paasurappadi Ramayanam  (Ramayanam from the lines of Naalaayira Divya 
7. MaaNikkamaalai
8.Rahasyatraya dipika.
9.Rahasyatraya vivaranam.

He was a disciple of SrI NampiLLai.

SrI MaNavALa mAmunigaL has composed this prabandham in his UpadEsa Ratthina 
mAlai on Sri PeriyavAcchAn PiLLai:

PeriyavAcchAn PiLLai punpu ullavaikkum
  theriya--vyAkkiyakaL seyvAl--ariya
aruLichceyal poruLai Aariyarkatkku ippOthu
  aruLicheyal aaythtu aRitthu....(46)

(meaning by SrI V SatakOpan Swamin):Today, it is possible to provide 
pravachanams (lectures) on the deeper meanings of all the four thousand 
-thanks to the great effort of PeriyavAcchAn PiLLai(PVP),
who commented on all of them for our benefit.

Sri PeriyavAcchAn PiLLai and Swamy Desikan were reported to have discussed 
pAsurams of AzhwArs and on prapatti when Swamy Desikan delivered his 
compositions namely NyAsa-VimSati and NyAsa-Tilakam(as recorded in 3000 

adiyEn would also like to relish the anecdote on PeriyAzhwAr Thirumozhi 
vyAkhyAnams of SrI PeriyavAcchAn PiLLai:
These vyAkhyAnams were eaten by ants.

SrI TA Varadhan had written about this earlier:

Given below is the extract for our enjoyment on SrI PeriyavAcchAn PiLLai's 
Thirunakshathram. Let us pay obeisance to this
vyAkhyAna chakravartthi.

Sri TA Varadhan's post extract:

periyAzhvAr's anubhavam comes in vAkkuth thUymai pathigam -
5th paththu, 1st thirumozhi of periyAzhvAr thirumozhi - This
pathigam is very moving and is also important for another reason-
svAmi periyavAchchAn piLLai's vyAkhyAnam on periyAzhvAr thirumozhi
was lost right from the beginning to the part of the first pAsuram
of vAkkuth thUymai - In order to ensure that we have the fortune
of pUrvAchArya vyAkhyAnams, elders during vishadavAksigAmaNi svAmi
maNavALa mAmuni's time requested svAmi to write a vyAkhyAnam on
periyAzhvAr thirumozhi - svAmi did so - So, the vyAkhyAnam that
we currently have on periyAzhvAr thirumozhi till 5th paththu is
svAmi maNavALa mAmuni's only. svAmi maNavALA mAmuni had, as we all
know, great respect for previous AchAryAs and lived and practised
that respect to the utmost perfection - So perfect was he that
his vyAkhyAnam ends at the line where svAmi periyavAccAn piLLai's
vyAkhyAnam begins - in fact, we can just read through the
combined vyAkhyAnam and we will never know where svAmi maNAvALa
mAmuni's commentary ends and where svAmi periyavAccAn piLLai's
commentary begins - in fact here is how the vyAkhyAnam for the
first pAsuram starts - "mutharpAttu - vAk ithyAdhi - vAkkukku
asuththiyaavadhu - bhagavadsannidhiyilE asathyanchollukaiyum,
prayOjanaththai kaNisikkaiyum, parastOtram paNNukaiyum ......"
and continues - In the above, svAmi mANAvALa mAmuni's commentary
ends with the word prayOjanaththai - and svAmi periyavAchchAn
piLLai's commentary starts with the word kaNisikkaiyum! He did not
want to say even a word that duplicates what svAmi periyavAccAn piLLai
had said. Such is the reluctance of our AchAryAs, even of the
AchArya who is svAmi emperumAnAr himself reicarnated, to comment
on something that an earlier AchArya has commented upon! -
Such is their humility and bhakti towards AchAryAs and the respect
they had for vyAkhyAnams

Thanks to Sri TA Vardhan Swamin.

Sri PeriyavAcchAn PiLLai ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana
NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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