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From: C Jaganmohanacharyulu (
Date: Sun Sep 09 2001 - 04:06:47 PDT

ahobilae garuda sailamadyae krupavasaat kalpita sannidhanum

lakshmya samalingitha vama bhagum laksmi Nrusimhum saranum prapadyae

Ahobilum is situated in kurnool district of Andhrapradesh India  

to REACH this place first come to Bangloore   or Channai

from these places thereis a bus carrying you to NANDYAL 

IF coming from Chennai get down at ALLAGADDA  

IF frombangloore CATCH another bus to ALLAGADDA

where you find buses crrying  you to AHOBILUM

Here you have got good facilitity waiting foryou

TIRUMANJANUM      you should participate in 

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