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arasavillie sri sUrya narAyana swamy temple:srikakulam
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 01:13:54 PDT

Om namo narAyanAya namah!!
                              Om namo bhagavatY sUryAyanarAyanaya namah!!
dear bhagavottamas,
let me present  one of the sakred kshetras we visited  recently that is  present at the 
outskirts of srikakulam which are very famous in south India, known as arasavalli  
sUryanarAyana kshetram.  in the temple at konark in orissa, we appreciate the fine sculptures 
and art than bhakti and inthe temple at unnav area of madhya pradesh (about 11km from
 jhansi station) where sri sruryan archa of 14 cm deity is opened for bhaktas.  in arasavalli  sri sUryanArayana swamy temple,  sriman naryana as such was incornated in to akanda sruya, 
an unique deity  in the whole of  India  and is known as 'harsavalle ksehtram' presently 
known as "arassavalli kshetram".  it is situated about 3km from srikakulam town 
(chicacole) towards east.   autos, taxis or buses are available.

it is a known fact that this kshetra swamy is 'pratyaSHa daivam'.  the effect will be seen 
immediately with mere bhakti nivYdana of the lord here.  with utmost devotion the yatrakars
perform various poojas, abhisekhams, worships, aStOtara -sata- sahsra namArchanas and
get themselves relieved from any disease, worries and problems.  he is karmasAkSHie
even today, during the uttarAyana- dakshinAyan auspicious day. the rays of surya bhagavan fall on
the holy feet of  the moolavar exactly at the sunrise.  the other interesting thing is  one can see
the 'churika' (sUrya kaTAre) at the waist of the lord as seen  at the waist of sri venketeswara 
swamy of tirumala temple.  devendra vigraham sitting on the irAvatam is one of the interesting
 feasture of this kshetram.
 one should see the divya mangala vigraham of aditya  bhagavan with drutakanachelam, 
navaratna khachita kireetam,padma hastams, pleasant magnetic face and broad powerful eyes
with his  uSa and padmini devis on either side and pingalamATTrulu as dwarpalaka on either 
side of the sanctum  - oh, it is really to be seen "tatpraSTyA tadeYvAnprAvesat".  One follows
ekabuktam (sakahAram) and makes darshan of the lord during Sundays relieves all sins, sarvagrahAristam,
 sorrowfulness, poverty, diseases  and make them jubilant, hence the name harsavalli kshetram.
 pamaras suffering from poverty, diseases like blindness, leprosy, leucoderma etc used to submit
 themselves to the lord sUryanarAyaN swamy   by worshipping the lord with all puja kainkaryam -
 harati, archana, abhSekhams etc.,  after taking bath in "indra pushkarini", the famous puranic 
kolanu or at least  doing samprokShnam with the  sacred water(now polluted) if not bath, one can
 get elated by the fulfilment of their demands. 
                     ' RavYh: karasahsram YatrApgnayA samudAhrutam!!
                      teYSAm srYSTA punah: saota rasmayO grahasamjnitah!!'
( out of the thousand rays emanated by sUrya, only seven rays are equivalent  to the power of all
 other grahas)
being grahadhipathi, mere darshan of  sri sUryanArayana swamy shatters all doshas and imparts 
sarwa grahAriSta sAnti to the  bahktar.  according to purnas,  performing  puja of the lord produces
'kOti puNya phalam"- such a powerful deity  is available for us .
                     "Aditya mambekAm viSnum gaNanAtham maheYsvaram" - means 
puja for the first and foremost deity  is  for sUrya bhagaan.
                    "yadAchityagatam teYjO jagadbAsayateY saKhilam!!
                    yacchandramasiyachAgnoVtatteYjOvidhi mAmakam!!"
as mentioned in gita, the illumination of sUrya is mine  and "jyOtiSAm ravi ramsumAn" ie.
 srimanArayana  himself is akhanda sUrya bhagavAn.  that is why  bhaktas praise this lord as 
"sri sUryanArayana swamy"   
                     "udaeY brahmaNO rUpah:  madhyAHNYtu maheswarah: !!
                      sAyamkAleY svAyam visNu:  trimUrtistu devakarah:!!"
as such the swamy dipicts the incarnation of trimurti  and is "namskAra priyO bhanu: that is,  he 
blesses and  cherishes those bhagavatAs who just submit by making  mere pranams to 
the deity with utmost devotion.  such a powerful spiritual  god -  sri sUryanArayana swamy is
available at arasavalli for all of us.  of course we see and worship daily the pratykSha daivam   
"sUrya bhagavan" -the sun god in the sky but we cannot see in full glory with our meagre eyes.
that too in the form of srimannaryana swamy, the maha vishnu

STALA PURANAM: -  it all started during 'dwApara yugam' when sri balarama, brother of sri krishna
dug the earth with the aid of  his earth tiller (nagYeti chaalu) and flourished the area with the river
" nagavalli" for the benefit of the people of the area and started booning the pamaras with 
numerous temples. One such temple built in srikAkulam was sri umArudrakOteswara swamy temple.
devatas used to worship the swamy coming all the way from heaven.  
once devata raja, indra came all the way to workship the  swamy in an odd hour and he was 
refused by the pramada gaNa sri nandEswaran  and maha kaludu to enter inside the sanctum
sanctorum. when he was forcing himself to enter, sri nandEswqaran grunted and  the gOtrabiduDu 
was swooned and fell down ( gAtropaghatam)in the east .  weakened by this injury, he (sachEpati)
prayed for sUrya bhagavan to regain back his strength.  with the mere prayer he recovered fully
 by the appearance of sri Aditya bhagavan.   elated by this, he started praising the surya bhagavAn -    
the sahasra rasmEn.  To make people  and other pamaras equally happy, he requested the swamy
 to permanently settle there with uSa and padmini devi as moolavar (druvulu).     sri 
Aditya bhagavan kshtram was thus come to the earth for the happiness of the bhaktas near
 srikAkulam.  sri pAkasanam (indra) dug a puskkarani called as "indra puskkarani" with 
 his vajrAyudham and made it more sacred.  the temple was constructed by viswakarama.  
during the period,   there lived two brothers namely  sri surappa and sri akkanna of ippalli family at 
mukhalinga kshetram. they were very stotriyas, sadachAra parAyanNa, sadguru samprasidda
sri pujA durandaras, pnachAyatanadevatO pasakAs and great devotees of Sri Aditya bhagavan.
As per the orders of the deity who appeared in their dreams, they proceeded to
harsavalli with great devotion.  on their way while passing vamsadharA river, they got a talapatra 
pack floating in the river to their surprise.   it contained  vedOkta klpOkta pujA kramam complete. 
they settled as archaka cum temple dhrama kartas and used to perform tri-sandya pujas,
 kainkaryams etc. even to day their tanians are the archakas and dharmakartas to the temple
 performing all puja-kainkaryams following all the rituals and sevas to god.

HISTORY:   As per 'shilAsAsanams' carved there, the history starts at second half of seventh century
one Devendra varma belonging to manadYvamuna gangaraja family was a great devotee and 
developed this temple to great highs. he used to worship the lord three times a day with 
nityabhOga dhupa deepa naiveydyams.  he donated lands and money to the temple for performing dailykainkryams, special poojas and  festivals during auspicious days. kalyanOtsavams,
 navarAtri celebrations and tirunaLu yearly.
during 15th century, when muslim religious extremists invaded this area, they used to demolish
temples, deities where ever they found besides all other sins and atrocious deeds.  when they searched for the deity sri sUryanArayanaswamy to destroy,  but they could not find the
 deity as it was incarnated with 'sri chakra' which made the god vanished for the good.  later
 on in 1788 ad. sri yelamancheli pullAji pantulu renovatedthe temple facing many problems.  recently in 1999 ad. the whole temple was again renovated by thebhagavatas belonging to 'aluthu'
 village of srikakulam dt. and celebrated 'mahA sowra YAgam' with sheer devotion.

powrANic drushTantams: - as per the saying "bhagatam tYjaskAmO vbhavasum",  rajabraSTas 
regains the lost kingdom by virtue of sUrya bhagavAn's mercy.  in 'matsya purANam' there is saying
that "arOgyam bhAskarAdichchet".  in skanda purANam the saying "dinYsam sukhArdam" refers to 
pavitrasamArAdanam as the ultimate restorator for all health,  happiness and prosperity
in sri vAlmiki's (vAlmeke?) rAmAyanam, by the advice of sri agastya mahamuni sri ramachadran 
repeated Adityahrudayam mantram three times which made him to kill ravaNa in the war.
in mahabhAghavatam, strAjit maharaj was blessed with 'samantaka mani' by  sri
sUrya bhagavan on worshiping him.
in sAmbapurANam  samburaj who suffered lepersy by the curse of sri dUrvAsa mahamuni, was
completely relieved   of the disease by rigorous sUryOpAsana.
in mahabhAratam, the poverty sticken aranyavasi sri dharma raja was able to feed the guests with
'aSTaya pAtra" gifted by sri sUrya bhaghavAn on his 'AdityOpAsana' with utmost devotion.
in RugVedam mentions were made on 'bhaskara prabhAvams'.
in adhavana vedam details are given about the sure relief of each type of disease with the
performance of specific type of prayer as observed in 'aruNa trichaswOrams'
the blind mahakavi amara able to see after writing 'mayura satakam' in praise of sri 
in general stotriyas won't take meals without uttering 'Aditya parAyaNam'

important festivals: 1. sri swamy vari kalyANOstavam will be on every chaitra sudda eykAdasi,
                               2. SHErAbdi dwAdasi  teppa tiruNALLu on every kArtika sudda dwAdasi,
                               3. Radha saptami and sUrya jayanthi on every mAgha sudda saptami,
	              4. KamadhahanOtsavam and DOlOstavam on every palguna sudda trayodasi and                                purnimas	
	              5. bhAnu varotsavam will be on every vaisAkha and  mAgha mAsams
route: by air: chennai -vizag and train to srikakulam rd. station and then by bus 13km.from station
           by train: chennai- srikulam road. by howrah mail and then by bus or taxi or auto.

let me  conclude my detailed presentation in English about 'sri sUryanarAyaNa kshetram' with two photos attached herewith. pl. forgive me if any errors are present during the course  of description

			Om bhAskrAya vidmahY mahAdyuti karAya dhEmahi !!
			               tannO Adityah: prachOdayAt !!


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