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Description of Sri maTham AchArya TN celebrations 2001 - III

From: Srinath Chakravarty (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 06:36:47 PDT

Dear bhaktas:

As many of us are aware, a dOlai navaneetha krishnan
santicfied by the karasparsham of prakrtham Azhagiya
Singar has reached this part of our planet and it has
been the bhagyam of numerous devotees to witness and
participate in utsavams for this dolai kaNNan during
the past few months.  Please see:

This navaneetha krishNan was very much part of the
two-day AchArya thirunaksatram commemorations held at
the Rajdhani Mandir in Centerville VA, from September
01 through September 02, 2001.  The beautiful dolai
kaNNan's presence during these two days fostered a
natural environment of devotion among attendees, which
alongwith the other activities - made for a fitting
tribute to our venerable 42nd through 45th Azhagiya
Singars whose thirunakshatrams were being celebrated.

UpachAram to dolai kaNNan consisted of morning thiru-
ArAdhanai involving prabandha pArAyaNam, navakalaSa
thirumanjanam and veda pArAyaNam followed by SARRumurai
and prasaadam.  Dolotsavam for navaneetha krishNan was
then held in the evening - truly a memorable occasion.

On the morning of September 01, 2001 - thiruvArAdhanai
began shortly after 8:00 am.  NithyAnusandhAnam was
performed, followed by pArAyaNam of periyAzhwAr thiru-
mozhi, kaNNinunchirutthAmbu, and irAmAnusa nURRanthAdhi.
adiyEn was quite a non-participant in the prabandha
pArAyaNam, being still on "learning track" where AzhwAr
pAsurams are concerned... however was able to assist
with madapaLLi kainkaryams in the adjoining kitchen.

The temple complex was huge, and the entire basement
consisting of a large hall, kitchen, 2 rooms and bath
rooms had been rented for this purpose.  I had rarely
ever seen such large kadArams, vANais and other vessels
in my 31 years of life devoid of heavy-duty culinary
experience!!  Amidst experts like Smt. Vimala Rajaji
and Smt. Malathi Dileepan, adiyEn could only assist in
lifting of huge vessels, washing them, pouring boiling
water, stirring large quantities of uppumAvu/vegetable
and so on.  It was one of those inspiring occasions
when several SriVaishnavas in traditional garb worked
in the madapaLLi all morning...

Would return to the hall in time for veda paaraayaNam,
where adiyEn could participate to some extent.  The
ghOshTi had about half dozen people on either side, with
prominent persons such as Sri Nadadur Madhavan and Sri
Anbil Ramaswamy.  My greatest contribution towards all
the pArAyaNam was not in person, but by means of inviting
Sri Balaji NarasimhAchAri Raman from Austin TX, and by
having him attend these celebrations - thereby becoming
part of this ghOshTi.  Sri Balaji is a shishya of Srimad
Abhinava Ramanuja Brahmatantantra parakAlaswAmi (35th
pattam), and his family are the caretakers of parakAla
maTham in thirupathi.  So was this bhakta well versed
in most of the nithyAnusandhAnam and other pAsurams +
the taittrIyopanishad and pancha sooktams, that he
(Balaji) became a very welcome addition to the ghosTi.

Following the veda pArAyaNam was SARRumurai and prasAsam.
Around 1:00 pm on the first day, we were all formally
welcomed to the occasion by Sri Raghavan Rajaji, who
gave an excellent description of the current activities
of Abhobila maTham, its various responsibilities, and
the projects undertaken by prakrtham AzhagiyaSingar to
ensure smooth operation of this ancient institution.
There was a fervent appeal to support this maTham with
financial contributions in order to help Srimad Azhagiya
Singar's plans to reach fruition.  Please see:

After this there were five speeches of about 20 minutes
duration each, on Sri Sannidhi AchArya paramparai by Sri
Parthasarathi Dileepan, on Bhagavad rAmAnuja by SrIkanth
Raghavan, on Swami VedAnta deSikan by Srinath C. (adiyEn)
on AdhivaNN SatakOpan vaibhavam by Sri Raghavan Rajaji,
and on Sri Sannidhi/SriVaishnavam by Sri Anbil Ramaswami.
These talks were very inspiring, informational and well
received by the audience.  On both sides of the lecture
hall were exhibits of rAmAnujar and vedAnta deSikar's
life story in pictures - a treat for yound and old alike.
Also alongside the swAmi deSikan exhibit were numerous
books on Sri Sannidhi and SriVaishnavam related subjects;
these were on sale for very subsidized prices and their
proceeds directed towards Sri madhurAntakam vedic school.

There wasn't a dull moment in all of the two days; no
matter where one turned inside the lecture hall, there
was something unique to behold - be it participants in
the ghOshTi on both sides of the stage, be it navaneetha
krishNan as centerpiece, surrounded by padams of Sri
maalola nrusimhar and various ahobila maThAdipathigaL,
the pAdhukais of lakshminrusimhar and those of AchAryas,
be it off-stage with the audience, most of whom were in
traditional attire, be it on both sides along the walls
where there were exhibits of udayavar/deSikar or books
for sale... why, even the kitchen right at the entrance
of the lecture hall was one centerpiece of activity...
Not to mention the fact that the dolotsavam during the
evenings was an unforgettable sight altogether.

Then everyone joined into five different groups for an
afternoon QUIZ on sampradAya vishayam, divya deSams, etc.
wherein Sri Raghavan Rajaji was quizmaster, and adiyEn
alongwith Sri Anbil Ramaswami were the judges!  Was very
fortunate to be a judge, since I would've never survived
the quiz itself[!] a very enjoyable & learning experience
for all participants - this quiz continued onto the 2nd.
day, much like all the other acitivities did.  By about
5:00 pm in the evening, we were ready to witness the
dolothsavam of the beloved navaneetha krishNan.

To be continued...

SeeronRu thooppul thiruvEnkatam udayAn
pAronRAic chonnap pazhai mozhiyuL
OronRu thAnE amaiyAthO thAraNiyil vAzhvArkku
vaanErap pOmaLavum vaazhvu

(Believed by many to be a thaniyan composed by
 piLLai lOkAchAryar in honor of swAmi deSikan)

-Srinath C.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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