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I am a new member

From: Pulavarti Jayanty (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 08:13:40 PDT

Hello All, 

I think I am the newest member of your group. I was
asked to introduce myself to everyone. 

First let me tell you about how I came to know about
your group. 

My name is "Bhargavi". Some one asked me what was the
meaning of my name. I remembered that my grand mother
use to say that goddess lakshmi was born to maharishi
Bhargava and therefore she was called as Bhargavi.
Thats how the name came. The person who asked me said
that there is no Maharishi called "bhargava". I was
surprised why my grand mother would say that. (I
haven't read many scriptures. My only knowledge is
what my grandmother and my parents use to tell me when
I am a child). I started searching the web for the
name Bhargava Maharishi. 

Your group came up in the google search and I started
reading all the messages that were posted. I am
interested to get some knowledge and I thought it
would help me in getting some knowledge if keep
reading the messages that are posted. 

As now you understood why I subscribed and how I came
to know, I will tell you who I am and where I was

My maiden name is "Bhagya Bhargavi Pulavarti". I am
from costal andhra and I am a brahmin. Vaideka
Velnadu. My forefathers came from a small village
called "Draksharamam". I did my Masters in Computer
Science. While doing my Masters I was married and My
inlaws family name is Jayanty. I am now in East
Lansing Michigan. I am a database administrator here.
I am interested to know in our tradition. 

Now for some of the doubts I had when I was reading
some messages. 

I was reading some messages about gotram and pravaram.
In one of the messages, the gotram Satamarshana was
described. I was naturally very enthusiastic to know
more about it and started reading. When I read I was
in dilemma. It is said that "Shatamarshana gothris 
are called Sreshtars or Sottai Kulam  people in
Tamil"(Those are the exact words in the email written
by Sadagopan Message No:360). I am a brahmin and still
my gotram is Satamarshana. How can you explain this? 

Also, If the gotrams are derived from the same set of
rishi's Why did the caste system come in India?

I hope my questions make sense. I apologize if I have
written anything which doesn't make sense. 

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