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Sanskrit Teacher - Computer Aided Learning Package (From Vishva Kshema) - Win95/98 needed.

From: Dan Pattangi (
Date: Sat Sep 08 2001 - 21:04:12 PDT

srimathE rAmAnujAya namaha

To Order:

This CD will help you master the script and pronounciation of Sanskrit
language so that you can read any Sanskrit literature in its original script
(No need for any transliteration). You will also learn about 1500 words
and learn to use them.

Sanskrit Teacher: Vol 1: This interactive multimedia CD teaches you 

* The basics of Sanskrit language 
* Correct Pronounciation 
* Consonants 
* Vowel marker added Consonants 
* Conjunct consonants 
* Vowel marker added conjunct consonants 
* Correct way of writing 
* Teaches you about 1500 words to improve your pronounciation along with 
  some training in Poetry and Prose recitation. 

Further questions and clarifications on this CD: 

About Vishva Kshema
Vishva Kshema is a non-profit organization with the following objectives:

To preserve and propogate the Vedic Culture and Spiritual Wisedom of our
Sages and PurvaAcharyas.

To preserve and promote sanskrit language, other ancient Indian arts,
Music, literature and culture.

We are here to preserve and disseminate the ancient knowledge systems 
and integrate it with contemporary systems of knowledge.

For details on Vishva Kshema Contact:
V. Lakshminarayanan, Director Vishva Kshema
Somyanarayanan, President Vishva Kshema
10 Baroda Street I Street, West Mambalam, Chennai-600033 India
Tel: 91-044-4842031, Mail:,

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